How Age Affects Fertility – A Feminine Perspective

how age affects fertility

How Age Affects Fertility   

How age affects fertility can be a hot topic for a woman planning to have a baby after 40 or 50. Indeed, the fields of fertility after 40 and female fertility age 50 plus are taken up very much with this issue. This video post was a response I made to the following request for guidance:

Deirdre, please comment on how age affects fertility.

How Age Affects Fertility -
The Patriarchal

It is important to realise that our current understanding of how age affects fertility has come about in a patriarchal model. A world in which the masculine has been valued and the feminine has not. In which feminine youth has been valued but not feminine maturity.

So, how age affects fertility has been assessed through masculine eyes. Note: This is not necessarily about gender. This is more about the parts of ourselves that are more associated with the masculine or more attributed to the feminine.

The masculine is connected with what is visible, what is out there, the action piece. The feminine, one the other hand, is connected with something more internal that really hasn't shown up until now in our fertility understanding. Or in the debate around how age affects fertility.

Deirdre Morris

It is the masculine paradigm that has been shaping our research design and our interpretation of results in the exploration of how age affects fertility. So it makes sense then, that we have been really focused-in on what is visible. E.g. fewer women have babies after age 40.

Indeed it makes perfect sense, from that perspective, that a woman's age would have a huge influence on how we deliver service or recommend different courses of action etc.

It is important to acknowledge that the people who have contributed to that model have contributed hugely. This is not about criticizing the way things have been. This is about sharing that this old approach has been one-sided and neglected to include a feminine perspective in the story of how age affects fertility.

Feminine Perspective on
How Age Affects Fertility

Co-creationtion requires both the masculine and the feminine. Not just at the obvious, physical level. The future of fertility, as we are shaping here together, will include a feminine understanding also. As we start Engaging the Feminine​® when exploring the question "how does age affect fertility?", we don't focus only on the obvious, external/visible pieces.

We also take into consideration the internal happenings for individual women, for women as a collective and for the researchers involved. Because their thoughts, feelings and expectations will be influencing those results in a huge way too.

When you ask me that question "How does age affect fertility?", I would be inviting you to give yourself permission not to focus so much on what is known. Or what the statistics so far have to say.

Instead, I invite your to remember that we have not begun to include a feminine understanding in the story of fertility. And when you start doing that, you will have access to much more joy, possibilities and very different results. Your fertility journey will take on much greater significance in your own evolution as a woman and in our collective evolution. It will be rich in meaning and come to make perfect sense for you as you move into motherhood - when you are engaging your feminine wisdom.

And that is the next step in the evolution of fertility, to allow a feminine perspective to enter our understanding of how age affects fertility! I am very happy to be doing that together with you!

Video - How Age Affects Fertility

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