How A Donor Egg Baby Feels – Not Knowing Biological Mother?

how a donor egg baby feels

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels  

The fertility after 40 journey often stirs debate around the ethics of donor eggs and, for example, how a donor egg baby feels. Unlike sperm donation it seems, donor eggs remain taboo in many quarters.

The topic brings to the surface fears around donor eggs, which are often influenced by thoughts such as 'I want my baby to have my genes'. Or 'I want donor egg baby to feel like mine'.

This audio and article below will address the issue of donor eggs from another angle. It was inspired by the following message I received from one of the beautiful members of our tribe.

"The.. reason I am triggered (by the donor egg debate) is that I often wonder how a baby born through egg donation would feel having no access to his biological mother. I was not born through egg donation but my mother rarely showed up for me in any meaningful way. I guess there is still a lot of pain there for me."

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels -
Feminine Wisdom

There are two issues in this share that I would like to address. The first is around you being triggered so much by this subject. And I would like to remind you that, contrary to what we have been taught in patriarchy around our feelings, there is powerful feminine guidance showing up here for you. Allow me to explain...

When you are being triggered by something or when your wondering is stirring an emotional response that doesn't feel good, that is your feminine wisdom. And she is letting you know that this current wondering - or line of thinking - is at odds with her broader perspective on this.

Your feminine wisdom holds all your deepest dreams and desires. She knows what is truly important for you as a woman and a mother. And she is trying to lead you there.

The more you are triggered, the greater the gap between your line of thinking (on this subject) and her understanding of it. Which is free from the limited patriarchal ideas of how creation works. And the role of the feminine in that.

Your angst around how a donor egg baby feels is clear feminine guidance that your thinking on this subject is at odds with her perspective and where you really want to go. And she is calling you to wonder in a different way.....

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels -
Engaging Your Feminine Wisdom

In order to do this, I'm going to draw your attention to the first step of my Feminine Engagement Method™, which is to FORM a new story here.

So, I will offer an idea or two around this and you can see how that resonates with you. Instead of wondering how a baby born through donation will feel 'without access to his or her biological mother', what if you begin to wonder how he will feel his access and connection to his biological mother?

Will it be when he looks in the mirror and just knows that there's a beautiful history there that he belongs to? Or when he's dreaming at night and feels the loving messages coming from his biological maternal line? The way he walks or his skin tone?  How exactly will he feel it?

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels -
Feminine Wondering

Can you feel the difference in that kind of wondering? Because now you are assuming that the child will feel a connection and will have access. And just wondering how. It's not limited to a patriarchal understanding of connection and access. We've stepping into a much more expansive, feminine space now. However, it is there nonetheless!

But let's not stop there. Because I know that behind this is a desire that this child and all children would feel so very loved. And feel a gorgeous connection with their mothers (biological and other types). So because you are a powerful creator, let's wonder a bit more....

How will it be for him to have two mothers loving him and to feel a deep, loving connection with both? By asking this second question we transFORM the "loss" story into a "gain" story. And in this new version, I can see that behind this child stand two women who love him dearly. Two women with whom he feels a beautiful connection. And that feels really good for me.

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels -
Leveraging Your Creative Power

But this is not about me. How does it feel for you? If it is even remotely better (than wondering how he will feel without access/connection), then your feminine wisdom is inviting you to entertain more of these kinds of thoughts around this topic.

And we can engage the FORM step even more. Would you like to intend with me here now, that all children who are born of egg donation feel the love of two women? That they feel connected to their biological mothers and their birth mothers (the women who are rearing them)?

Would you love that these children could feel the benefit of 'mother on the double'. A sense of appreciation that 'these two women have shown up in this way so that I could have life'? For me, that feels very powerful indeed. Something noble enters the stage and a new dimension that allows for the wholeness and sacredness of what is happening to be revealed.

How A Donor Egg Baby Feels -
Your Relationship With Your Mother

Play around with these and other ideas and see where your feminine wisdom guides you.....

Then the second issue I wanted to address with you relates to your relationship with your mother. I explore that in the audio below and invite you to listen as this has an impact on your journey into and through motherhood.

I hope you find huge value in this post and would love to hear your comments!

Audio - How A Donor Egg Baby Feels

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