He Had A Vasectomy But I Want A Baby

he had a vasectomy but I want a baby

He Had A Vasectomy
But I Want A Baby   

Is this true for you: 'he had a vasectomy but I want a baby'? If so, you are not alone. Can you increase chances of pregnancy after vasectomy? Yes. There are fertility options available that can help you to get pregnant after vasectomy. They include vasectomy reversal and sperm aspiration after vasectomy. This video post is a response to a request I received to comment on the following:

I'm having issues about not being able to conceive naturally because my husband had a vasectomy.

He Had A Vasectomy But I Want A Baby -
Listening To Your Feminine Wisdom

What comes up for me when you're asking this is that we have been conditioned as women to put ourselves second (or last). To prioritise men and children. And to pour ourselves into their creative preferences. This habit is really quite ingrained and it even seems very natural...in patriarchy.

It sounds like you really would love to conceive naturally. And I would like to encourage you here, to connect with your truth. Take some time to discern what is really most important for you now on your fertility journey. What is non-negotiable? And if that includes conceiving naturally, then allow yourself to have a conversation with your husband around that.

Very often we don't permit ourselves to engage in these conversations so as not to upset the patriarchal apple cart. And for some women that is just not safe. But your deepest desires matter. And your feminine wisdom is guiding you in beautiful ways. If it is not safe for you, then your feminine is probably wanting you to face up to this. And decide if that is really what you want as a woman and a mother.

He Had A Vasectomy But I Want A Baby -
Being Open

Perhaps, he might have a procedure to reverse the vasectomy. Or else be open to you having a baby with somebody else. Now, I know that some people will disagree completely with that idea. But my intention here is to create feminine space in which you can explore possibilities. And explore your feminine truth around 'he had a vasectomy but I want a baby'.

Sometimes that just involves having new kinds of conversations or connections. And your journey may take a turn you had not anticipated once you allow yourself to own your truth. And really value what is coming up for you.

You may discover that a piece of the fertility puzzle that was super important to you, becomes less so..... once you are giving voice to your desires.

Honouring your true desires and sharing them safely is core to engaging your feminine wisdom. And opens you up to possibilities that were not previously possible. So allow this issue of 'he had a vasectomy but I want a baby naturally' to become a doorway into your greatest dreams. And into a relationship with your husband that can hold the space for both of you to show up in your authenticity.

Video - He Had A Vasectomy But I Want A Baby

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