Hashimoto’s Fertility Diet & Your Feminine Wisdom

hashimoto's fertility diet

Hashimoto's Fertility Diet   

Hashimoto's fertility diet is something that more and more women over 40 explore as it most commonly diagnosed around this time. This video and article came about in repsonse to the following question:

"I have Hashimoto's. What foods will support my fertility?"

As you are aware, I am not a nutritionist. However, I feel that you are asking me about a hashimoto's fertility diet because you are seeking perhaps a different kind of response. I feel you are asking me for a comment on this that might help you to see it from a perspective that can support your fertility.

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease. And what I have learned about autoimmune diseases over the years is that diet does have an impact. Something I have found useful personally, on my own journey with autoimmune issues, has been exploring the Paleo Diet


I would particularly recommend that you check out Dr. Sarah Ballentyne's website called the PaleoMom which has lots of great information. Sarah herself has a diagnosis of Hashimoto's. Along with her Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), she has oodles of resources suitable for those looking for hashimoto's fertility diet and hashimoto's pregnancy diet. You might have gathered from the name of her site that Sarah is also one of the many hashimoto's pregnancy success stories. A nice role model to have in your life!

Now that I have pointed you in a positive direction for a hashimoto's fertility diet, I'm going to comment further on hashimoto's and autoimmune diseases with the intention that it will serve you.

Hashimoto's Diet and Feminine Wisdom

What's very interesting for me about the Paleo Diet (and Sarah's Autoimmune Protocol) is the emphasis on high quality animal protein and high quality fats. Below is an overview of what is allowed in the Paleo diet and what is excluded. The Autoimmune Protocol is even more specific than this.

More Organ Meat and Offal.
More Fish and Shellfish
Quality Fats

Legumes (peas/beans)

What fascinates me, because I also have an autoimmune issue, is that the Paleo Diet brings us back to the diet that we had on the planet before agriculture. Before we were cultivating grains. Before we were planting and organizing our societies in that way. And before we changed our relationship with the earth.

When I heard about the Paleo Diet, I wondered to myself, "Are these autoimmune diseases that so many of us are experiencing, an invitation back to a connection with the earth that is more respectful, more nourishing, more balanced?"

I'm not recommending to anybody to follow this diet. I believe this is a personal journey and your body will guide you very clearly in that regard. But reading up on it could be part of your hashimoto's getting pregnant strategy. And I cannot but wonder if this is a deeper invitation from your feminine to return to a place where you are really honoring the feminine. And honoring the earth, honoring nature, the cycles of nature and the feminine within you.

So instead of feeling "I have this diagnosis and it's going to be hard for me to have a baby," I invite you to embrace it as a part of your deep, deep feminine wisdom that is guiding you subtly into connecting with your true feminine power and helping you to flower as a woman and a mother.

Video - Hashimoto's Fertility Diet
& Feminine Wisdom

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