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getting pregnant after miscarriage

Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage   

Getting pregnant after miscarriage doesn't really come up for discussion, unless you have had a miscarriage. If that is true of you, I would like to honour that. To honor your motherhood, your baby and your baby's contribution to the world. Even if you don't understand that yet.

The statistics around getting pregnant after miscarriage are pretty positive. This article from the Mayo Clinic, for example, shares the following:

"Miscarriage is usually a one-time occurrence. Most women who miscarry go on to have healthy pregnancies after miscarriage".

If you are planning on getting pregnant after 40, you might be more concerned about getting pregnant fast after miscarriage. However, the way I feel I can support you most in getting pregnant after miscarriage here is to invite you to slow down for a bit. And remind you that your feminine is very, very wise.

Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage -
Feminine Wisdom

The word miscarriage suggests something went wrong. That would fit perfectly in our patriarchal model. And while, it may feel like it did go wrong (I've been there too), I would like to invite you into opening up to the following possibility. That each and every step in your fertility journey (including miscarriage), is being guided by something very wise within you. It's being guided by your deep feminine wisdom.

So, when wondering about getting pregnant after miscarriage, I invite you first to look back on your fertility journey. Intend to see how your feminine wisdom has been guiding you. And ask yourself "What has my feminine wisdom been trying to show me?"

Give  yourself permission to actually see the gift of each step of this journey. Sounds crazy perhaps from a patriarchal perspective because we have been preoccupied with the "mis".

But when you are thinking of getting pregnant after miscarriage, especially after 40, your can save and transform a lot of heartache by tuning into your feminine wisdom in this way.

Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage -

I'd like you to reflect on any miscarriage. On your whole fertility journey. Imagine that you can hear your feminine wisdom whispering to you, letting you know where and how she was guiding you. Intend to hear what will support you in getting pregnant after miscarriage. What will help you flower as a woman and a mother. Because that is where she is always guiding you. Into your flowering.

So take some feminine time now. Get out your journal and take a few hours out to reflect on these questions. What if your deep feminine wisdom has been navigating this whole journey? What is she wanting you to know, hear, decide upon or change? Then share with us what is the strongest message that has come from this journey?

This was an important part of my own motherhood journey. It helped me to enjoy successful pregnancy after miscarriage. And to bring the wealth of that journey, (the gift of my 3 babies) into showing up as the kind of mother I really wanted to be!

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