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finding a fertility doctor at 51

Finding A Fertility Doctor At 51 Years  

Like a healthy, pregnant belly, the number of women on the quest of finding a fertility doctor at 51 is swelling gracefully. But finding a fertility doctor at 51 and beyond can be challenging. Fertility clinics have different policies and practices around age and IVF. And many have a cut-off point well before 50.

Others are becoming more relaxed about treating women in their 50s. For those in the US, this link might be a good place to start searching even if it does not specifically list IVF clinics for over 50. In my google search of IVF over 50 clinics, I could see from the first page that Cyprus is actively seeking to work with women over 50 who are trying to have a baby. 

Then there is the point of financing fertility after 50. IVF over 50 UK has been funded by the National Health Service there. In some instances at least. But that is not typical on the planet. Exploring the global situation about finding a fertility doctor at 51 is beyond the scope of this article. But I would like to address this topic by drawing on some feminine wisdom in the process. This audio post was created on foot of an email I received from a woman sharing the following:

"I'm 51, and I have found a doctor willing to work with me. I went with my fiance to the first meeting and was very impressed. He's willing to work with me."

Finding A Fertility Doctor At 51 Years -
Your Doctor's Position

And then she shares more about her story in the email. I just wanted to hone in on the part of the share that says "he's willing to work with me." And wanted to check something with you first. I'm wondering if the energy of "willing to work with me" is coming from the doctor or from your response to the situation.

Let me put that another way. Was the feeling from the doctor, "Okay. Even though you're 51 and have other issues, I'm willing to work with you,"? Or, are you just over the moon that somebody (anybody) is willing to work with you?

Personally, I love to work with people who love to work with me. The energy of willing to work with you, as opposed to being happy or delighted to work with you are very different. One is, "Okay, I'll do it so," while the other one is, "This would be lovely." Now, it is quite possible that your doctor is delighted to work with you. I would just like to invite you to check in with yourself whether the "willing to work with me" piece belongs to the doctor or to you.

Finding A Fertility Doctor at 51 -
The Wider Context

What has this got to do with finding a fertility doctor at 51? The reason I bring it up is because you did share other parts of your story. And what I can see from that is a history of relationship with males that have felt unsatisfactory for you as a female (daughter, partner, lover etc.).

I'm just wondering if there is a pattern there of saying yes to what is available. Of what will accept you. Rather than giving yourself time to discern what is truly right for you.

Because in patriarchy, we have been trained to go with the leadership of the male and to listen to the masculine. And as a result we sometimes end up in relationship. for example, because we were asked to be in relationship and said yes. As opposed to entering into relationship because that is what feels great. The patriarchal download encourages us in that direction. Rather than tuning into our own truth.

Finding A Fertility Doctor At 51 -
Feminine Wisdom

For any co-creation, it's very important to discern what's right for you. So even though you might have a beautiful doctor, delighted and happy to work with you, what's most important here is that you feel good about it. That, even if the journey ahead might be hard, it feels good and right for you to move forward.

Instead of jumping in because 'at least it's something', I'd like to invite you to open up to engaging your feminine more in this process. And tune into how this really feels for you.

When you receive a beautiful offer from the masculine (or anyone), appreciate it of course. But then, go within and sense what is really right for you now. One step at a time. When you do this, you are much more connected to your true creative power. And can show up in the way that supports your fertility most and honours your beautiful feminine.

Audio - Finding A Fertility Doctor At 51

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