Fertility Journey – How To Change Direction Now

fertility journey

​Your Fertility Journey 

​When I ask a woman to tell me about her fertility journey, unless she wants a baby and is single​, the story ​frequently starts with her efforts to conceive naturally​.

Then it might move on to trying ivf and considerations about whether to use donor eggs or not. ​For women ttc after 40​, almost all roads on the fertility journey lead to a fertility clinic​.

​Like a conveyor belt, the fertility journey must move in that direction it seems because infertility is a medical issue - or so we are told. It's totally understandable that this is the case as we have learned about female fertility from the male perspective. 

The Female Fertility Journey

​Over the centuries, men have held the positions of power and therefore have interpreted data and designed interventions that make sense from their perspective. ​​

​Hence, the way we perceive our fertility in very much influenced by these male conclusions. Nobody's fault - we all come to comprehend the world according to our experience and understanding.

But a gargantuan deletion has occurred and it affects every woman's fertility journey - leaving multitudes feeling disconnected and disempowered in our fertility. Many women will get pregnant without consciously correcting this chronic myopia.

​However, when it comes to it having a baby at 45, is really important to remove these eye-bending, male spectacles - to give yourself that best chance of becoming a confident pregnant woman.

The Missing Fertility Companion

The fertility journey was not meant to be a solitary experience. I'm not referring to having a baby alone​ in the absence of a partner - this is about feminine companionship, connection and understanding on the way.

​In days of old, women used to menstruate, birth and rear children together. This has changed in many parts of the world so that very often the fertility journey is an emotionally solo experience. (I for one have felt utterly alone at different points).

But it's not just about the physical presence and companionship of female support. What has been erased from female fertility goes much deeper than that indeed.

The central companion that has been cut out of a woman's fertility journey is her own Creative Feminine™. Even the most 'educated' of us have never heard of her existence and have no clue about her essential contribution to female fertility.  

​How To Create A New Future

​This video and article were inspired by a book by Price Pritchett called You 2 (You Squared). On the subject of quantum leaps and how they occur, the following quote particularly resonated with me because I could see how it relates to female fertility in the world. 

​A Quantum Leap is a move that is already yours for the taking. It represents a giant step you can make by merely deciding to open yourself up to the resources presently available to you."

Price Pritchette

I love this quote because it echoes exactly where we are in terms of the evolution of fertility, especially for women over 40 and 50. Why? Because it is a wonderful reminder that your quantum leap (which may feel now like having a baby) is:

  • Yours For The Taking....

  • Linked to You Opening Yourself Up...

  • To the Resources that are Already Available To You!

Your Quantum Leap!

I invite you to consider that the resources most relevant and precious in this situation​ are your feminine resources - your Creative Feminine™ - and that engaging your feminine wisdom ​(along with the traditional approaches) can facilitate your quantum leap. 


Price Prichette is not the first person to have said such things. Einstein remarked that we cannot solve an issue at the same level as it was created. In my view, a lot of our fertility challenges are a by-product of living in a patriarchal world - terrified of the notion of feminine power​ - that neglects entirely the contribution of the feminine beyond eggs and womb.

For me, these observers are inviting us to reconnect with our feminine wisdom, for example, and realise that huge shifts are possible for us by doing so now! (For ideas as to how you can begin to view your fertility journey through more feminine eyes, see my posts exploring your fertility history and trying to conceive for years.)

​I hope there was value in this for you and would love to hear about your own fertility journey. Please share below because your feminine contribution here really, really matters.

Fertility Journey - A New Future For You!