Fertility Intuition – Are You Ignoring Yours?

fertility intuition

Fertility Intuition  

Have you been listening to your fertility intuition? Or tending instead to ignore it? Because your openness to tuning-in will have an impact on your fertility journey. And on how gruelling or gentle that will be. Here, one woman shares how she drew on her fertility intuition.

I was guided to explore this topic on foot of a comment Luciana made when she shared about her fertility energy being drained. By her husband. Here is what she had to say:

"I wasn’t expecting a personal response... Thank you! I really appreciate it! At the same time, it made me feel a little sad… I explain: you have confirmed what my inner voice was telling me, that my baby does not identify any room for him/her in my life as it is right now...

I wish my instinct was sort of off the track. But then again, it never is, is it? Our heart and our feminine wisdom gives us ALL the signs we need to keep on the right path. Thanks again, Deirdre, for this beautiful loving light you’ve put on what is really important and for making me acknowledge and honour my wisdom!"

Fertility Intuition -
Patriachal Influence

So the part of Luciana's share that I want to address here is "I wish my instinct was sort off the track." As I feel there is feminine wisdom within wanting to be exposed.

I've explored this more in the audio below but the learning I would like to leave you with here is the following: Patriarchy - this global culture in which the masculine has held the power and been preoccupied with intellect and reason - has told us that our instincts and intuitions are off track.

Because intuition does not rely on observable facts, logic or the teacher-student knowledge hierarchy that patriarchy is passionate about.

So even if Aristotle proposed that intuition provides the "first premises" (first ideas) that then engage our reasoning faculty - this seems to have been the birth-right of educated men only.

Women's intuition, in contrast, has been a valid target of ridicule or punishment. And this is the backdrop against which your fertility intuitions arise.

Fertility Intuition -
Rocking the Patriarchal Boat

So it makes perfect sense that you wish your instincts were off. Because the likelihood is that patriarchy too (in this case your husband, in-laws, parents for example) would prefer that! For example, if you ignore your fertility intuition then there is no need to:

  • Have that chat with your husband!
  • Share honestly that the status quo is unsustainable. (As women have been expected to be satisfied and just cope as demands increase.)
  • Ask him to take responsibility for some traditionally female roles. And depending on the culture you grew up in, this might come as a bit of a shock.

And he/you/they wouldn't have to deal with all those 'unnecessary emotions' required to express, ask, listen and accommodate to something new.

In a sense, Luciana, your fertility intuitions are off track! They are off the patriarchal track. Because they are providing you with information that is at odds with the values and rules that have been dominant in patriarchy.

But they hold huge feminine wisdom nonetheless. And matter very much to you as a mother....

Fertility Intuition -
What It Looks Like

Before I share some tips as to how you can begin to listen more to your fertility intuition, it feels important to explain the following:

Fertility intuitions will not actually be limited to the obvious parts of your fertility. Like your ovulation, the best doula for you or if you are wondering "should I give up or try with donor eggs".

Your fertility intuition casts a much wider net around your motherhood - into the future as you would love it to be. Like invitations from your feminine wisdom, they call you to make changes in order to set yourself up for success. Not just in terms of giving birth to a healthy baby. But so that you can also feel fulfilled and happy in motherhood.

So as in your case Luciana, your fertility intuition might be beckoning you to negotiate (again) expectations in your relationships. Other examples might be that you are guided to keep a distance from some old friends or family. Or move to another location entirely (as in my case!). They might relate to guidance around your work rhythm or how you are showing up with money. And the list goes on.

I consider all of these fertility intuitions. Because if you listen, they will have a very nourishing impact on your experience of motherhood. And make it much easier for you to open up fully to becoming a mother now.

Fertility Intuition -
Feminine Clues to Follow

So here's how you can tune into your fertility intuition now:

  • Gift yourself a special journal for your fertility intuitions
  • Be aware of the situations and people you feel good around. Intend to have more of that in your life.
  • Remember that even just listening to how you feel is supporting your feminine and fertility
  • Trust that there is motherhood guidance in all the discomforts that are coming up for you now. Intend to be able to see that.
  • Ask (in your journal at least) for what you would love instead
  • Notice your dreams and the messages within them

And finally, trust that it will make genius sense in your motherhood - even if it doesn't right now! Because it absolutely will!!!

Fertility Intuition -
Final Thoughts

I have explored how to reduce fertility stress elsewhere in addition to negative fertility emotions. These too can be relieved by listening to your fertility intuition.

For those ready to go deeper, this article from Spirituality And Health is valuable in terms of exploring fertility intuition though your cycle.

For now, I would like to ask you what fertility intuitions have you been ignoring? Please share them below. because there is feminine wisdom in what comes up. And your feminine presence here really, really matters!

Audio- Fertility Intuition

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