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fertility hormone therapy

Fertility Hormone Therapy   

Many women over 40 planning on having a baby find themselves considering fertility hormone therapy.  What are the best fertility pills to get pregnant? How does one take Clomid or injections of Gonadotropins? Are there natural fertility drugs? 

I found this article to be very valuable around the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance and what to get tested for. It also explains fertility hormone therapy and explores natural therapies for hormonal imbalance. This video/article (the one you are reading now) approaches it from a different perspective and was prompted by the following request.

Can you comment, Deirdre, on fertility hormone therapy?

The way in which I am guided to support you now, in terms of fertility hormone therapy, is to help you to begin Engaging the Feminine™ on this issue.

Fertility Hormone Therapy
- Engaging the Feminine™

Patriarchy is problem-focused. From a patriarchal standpoint, fertility hormone therapy exists because there is a problem. Something is broken. And often women enter the relationship with fertility hormone therapy from that place. Of being under-par in some way. Under-performing. Not up to scratch as a woman. It may feel quite heavy (this problem and having to solve it). And can leave a woman feeling inadequate and very vulnerable.

But when you allow yourself to engage our feminine wisdom in the process, you approach fertility hormone therapy (natural or synthetic) as a place in the journey. An experience that is helping you to realise your dreams.

So instead of choosing this route from a place of brokenness or trying to cure something, it becomes a different kind of dance. And you can say "Yes" to it (or "No"). Why? Not because you are broken or have no other option.

But rather because that decision is what feels expansive. That is what you would really love to experience. That is where you are guided to go right now. That just feels right for you on this journey. So it becomes a very different experience entirely. One that is much more empowered.

Fertility Hormone Therapy
- Feminine Guidance

While you might be performing the exact same tasks, when you are engaging your feminine wisdom you feel lighter. There is an adventure in it full of possibility. Timing feels aligned. And is taps into that female adventurer within you who feels fresh and free (lovely feelings to have on your fertility journey).

I invite you to adopt this approach when it comes to making decisions around fertility hormone therapy. Tune into your feelings on the journey. See what comes up for you and where you are guided to go. And share with us below what emerges.

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