Fertility Doubts – How To Stop Them Overtaking Intuition

fertility doubts

Fertility Doubts And Fears   

It is not unusual for fertility doubts to show up on a more frequent basis as time passes. Perhaps somewhere deep down we might even feel a duty to have fertility doubts. And other thoughts consistent with the patriarchal idea that a woman's value decreases as she ages. That her creative power and contribution have a best before date. 

But I digress. Lets face it, the number of fertility doubts that can meander through your mind is vast. And so it is really good to see some fertility clinics and fertility professionals taking this on board. This video/article came about in response to the following question:

How do I stop fears and doubts creeping in and
taking over instead of going with my intuition?

For me, what is most important here, is to understand what is going on when fertility doubts do creep in and overtake your intuition. 

Fertility Doubts -
Why We Have Them

Part of the reason that fertility doubts can overtake your intuition is that, in our patriarchal world, we have been trained to live in our heads. Our socialization, our whole education is about activating the mental, learning facts and keeping us in the mental space. By analyzing and reasoning we figure things out. In short, we give huge power to our thoughts, the thinking process and that aspect of our mental capacity. To what has been most valued in a world shaped by masculine values.

Due to the fact that we have exercised it so much, what happens is that this logical, reasonable, thinking voice tends to be heard louder than any other voice. And as a result, we give it even more attention. So the patriarchal loop continues to validate itself over and over.

It is not unusual at all for this to be happening. Indeed, it is a perfect reflection of what has happened on the planet. We have given the value and power to the masculine and taken it away from the feminine. 

Fertility Doubts -
Engaging Your Feminine Wisdom

But your feminine wisdom still holds the awareness that co-creation requires both the masculine and the feminine. And she does not give so much importance to the MENtal. She values it hugely for sure. But she is in no doubt whatsoever about her own power and role in the co-creative process. And this is where I would like to guide you when fertility doubts creep in and take over your intuition.

So here is what I am going to invite you to do. When you feel overwhelmed by fear and fertility doubts follow these feminine steps:

  • Accept that this is happening. And remember that it is totally understandable given the patriarchal download you have received.
  • Celebrate your awareness that this is happening. This awareness is evidence of you beginning to create feminine space in between fertility doubts.
  • Honour these fertility doubts. We have been trained to work things out mentally. We have been taught that this is what works. So imagine that they are trying to help in the best way they can and notice how that feels.
  • Thank them. They have already contributed to this post and to your participation in this fertile, feminine community! And, just a like a child, when you connect with them in appreciation, you elicit the best from them. So they don't have to fight for attention then. And the mental noise reduces.

And so begins a new relationship with fertility doubts and fears. One that honours their place while making feminine room for intuition to thrive. Setting the stage for truly, gorgeous co-creation!

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