Can Fertility Doctors Have Feminine Wisdom?

fertility doctors

Can Fertility Doctors Have
Feminine Wisdom?  

Can fertility doctors have feminine wisdom? What is your experience? This article was prompted by the insightful comment below from Martha on a post I published called Finding A Fertility Doctor At 51.

"Yes, the specialist I selected is male....he’s not the first fertility specialist I’ve consulted. I rejected a female specialist already, since her attitude came off as far more patriarchal than my current doctor.

She wanted to push me into her egg donor program immediately, even though at the time I was 4 years younger and still having regular cycles....

The lesson I learned is that patriarchal attitudes can very easily be held as gospel truth by women as well as men. The specialist I currently see is the polar opposite of the one I fired, and I’m very happy for that".

Fertility Doctors - My Experience

It brought to my attention something I needed to clarify around feminine wisdom and fertility doctors and reminded me of my experience with my gynaecologist....

One particular discussion in his office stands out for me, during which he shared the following. He had observed over his years that women who were able to let go of control had much more positive experiences of birth. Having been present at both home and hospital births, I knew that was true.

At the time, I wasn't really feeling very supported or safe for a variety of reasons. Including the fact that I had recently moved to Spain and I didn't speak the language.

I suppose the truth was that I felt I had to control - that I had to make sure everything would be fine - and he picked up on this. But while I heard it and recognised that he had seen something in me, I didn't have the capacity to go much deeper with that then. As I didn't have a mentor or guide who had experience of working with feminine wisdom around these issues.

Fertility Doctors & Feminine Wisdom

This wonderful male doctor was was tapping in to his feminine wisdom. And, in a very gentle way, inviting me to relax a bit more. He was actually far more in touch with his feminine wisdom than I was on this issue.

So it feels important to acknowledge that feminine wisdom is not the sole possession of females. Martha's experience and my story are evidence of this.

But more importantly perhaps, nor does it exclude men, doctors and the medical model. Or those in systems we associate with patriarchy. Indeed, I want to honour all the feminine wisdom that flows through them.

Fertility Doctors & Feminine Wisdom
How Can You Benefit Now?

So how can this meandering help you on your fertility journey? There are two 3 important take-aways that I feel will serve you now:

(1) Be aware that, because of the patriarchal download, women may or may not be in touch with their feminine wisdom. And that men and doctors have feminine wisdom too!

(2) Professionals, including fertility doctors, may be more in touch with their feminine wisdom than you are - as my story revealed. It's easy to happen you are feeling vulnerable or doubting yourself and your fertility. 

(3) Understand that feminine wisdom can whisper to you in avenues you least expect to hear it. Be open to that.

Because this whole experience was part of my feminine wisdom wanting me to relax and to allow in support and to feel safe and to know that I'm not alone. But first I had to learn about Engaging the Feminine™, which took me several more years........

Audio - Fertility Doctors & Feminine Wisdom

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