Fertility And Feminine Wisdom – What April Fool’s Day Can Teach Us

fertility and feminine wisdom

Fertility And Feminine Wisdom -
What April Fool's Day Can Teach Us  

I discovered something about April Fool's Day that I wanted to share because, for me, it exposed somewhat the relationship between fertility and feminine wisdom in patriarchy.

As I delved further in my research, I learned how little I knew but felt that I could still offer some value here by sharing my thoughts. I hope this turns out to be true.

What peaked my curiosity was an article I read by Cayelin Castell and here is what she had to say:

"The genesis of our current understanding of April Fool’s Day grew out of the 1582 change in the calendar instituted by Pope Gregory shifting New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1. News traveled slowly in those days and for various reasons many continued to celebrate New Year's Day on April First.

Those who continued to celebrate New Year’s in April became known as April Fools and (this) was a way to pressure individuals into conforming to a calendar that was designed to focus awareness on physical evidence and promote materialism and commerce".

Fertility And Feminine Wisdom -
Patriarchy and April Fool's Day

The history of the dance between celebrating New Year's in January and the end of March (starting equinox/spring) began long before Pope Gregory's intervention. But perhaps it represented the final nail in the patriarchal coffin on this issue.

Whether intentional or otherwise, the introduction of the Gregorian calendar was a message to the world that the masculine (numbers and dates in this instance) was more important than the feminine (the natural/physical world).

And so even if it was clear to all and sundry (in the northern hemisphere where this was taking place) - with new shoots and buds bursting unapologetically forth - that a new cycle of beginnings was underway, we were being told to reorient ourselves away from that. And focus instead on what patriarchy decided was important.

It reminded me of the current relationship between fertility and feminine wisdom on the planet.

With the people who "matter" in the world of fertility, not only are fertility and feminine wisdom not perceived as connected at all, there is no awareness that feminine wisdom even exists.

To suggest that female fertility and feminine wisdom are deeply intertwined continues to be regarded as naive and irresponsible.

Fertility And Feminine Wisdom -
Patriarchal Fallout 

So the image above felt appropriate as it captures for me the habit we have developed in patriarchy. Which is to relate to our fertility, our female bodies and our fertility rhythm through the eyes of the masculine.

Rather than experiencing for ourselves. in our own bodies what is really going on. By feeling, touching, witnessing and sensing what is actually showing up. In our beautiful female bodies. And in our intuitions, dreams and desires.

Or uncovering the uniqueness of each cycle and each woman's fertility story. And the very personal guidance that is at work within them, we look to arbriatary dates and numbers to tell us what is possible, right and true for us. As individual women and as a collective.

Fertility And Feminine Wisdom -
Fertility After 40 And Fertility After 50

Fertility after 40 and fertility after 50 are great examples of that. The thunder of a patriarchal version of truth booms ever more loudly the further a woman dares to venture beyond 40. And "still" want a baby.

The line of thinking that dominates the field is that you can only have a baby with the help of reproductive technology - if at all. And that your time is rapidly running out.

But this is changing now. And you and I are part of that. In the future, we will be Engaging the Feminine™ in conjunction with the brilliance of the masculine and what patriarchy has brought us. To have babies naturally and with assistance after 50, 60 and well beyond!

Because sustainable co-creation always involves the feminine and the masculine together. And this is only beginning now in the fields of fertility after 40 and fertility after 50!

Fertility And Feminine Wisdom -
Your Next Feminine Steps

So what can you do right now to support yourself and contribute to a new understanding of the relationship between fertility and feminine wisdom on the planet?

Intend it. Intend to be more present with your cycle. With the messages of your body. Just observe them.

You don't need to figure out what they mean (even if patriarchy would insist on proving their value first before condoning such an exploration). You can give them space to be. And open up to the wisdom that is there even if it is not obvious to you just yet.....

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