Fertility After 40

Fertility After 40

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fertility after 40

Some people ask me, "Why fertility after 40 Deirdre?". There are several reasons for that. The first is very personal. It echoes from the experience of my own fertility journey.

I recall starting that journey as a very young woman. I felt young and in my power and alive and fresh. As that journey continued and I experienced miscarriage after miscarriage, my sense of self really began to shift and I began to doubt myself. Indeed, because I had been supporting women in fertility and pregnancy I felt like  complete fraud.

I was doing my best trying to make sense of this and deal with the loss that I was experiencing while in the background, there was this weight behind me and I could feel it looming large, this number 40.

I felt like the closer that got to me, the less likely that I was going to become a mother. While my understanding at the time of the co-creative process was sufficient to know that "this is not true Deirdre, unless you believe it, unless you give your energy to it". 

It was there, nonetheless, and it was a big pressure on me while I was trying to process and cope with with what was happening. That's one reason why I'm doing this...

I want that that the weight of age is lifted out of the picture, so that when you're on your journey you can just enjoy it, be fully in it, receive the wisdom within it and not be afraid of the numbers (that the patriarchal has been addicted to).

fertility after 40

The second reason that I'm guided to serve women over 40 is that it is very clear for me that the whole field of fertility has been absent of the voice of the feminine. The feminine is totally misunderstood and does not appear really, in how we engage in our fertility journey. 

That experience is exaggerated enormously when a woman turns 40, because suddenly the numbers that were always important and always have been important in patriarchy, gain even more significance. In that energy, a woman can feel very disconnected from her power and from her gorgeous feminine. I wanted to bring a sense of balance back in to the dialogue around fertility, especially for women over 40.

In addition, I feel that female fertility should be informed primarily by a feminine understanding. Yes, we co-create with the masculine. Without masculine it's not going to work. That is the beauty of difference. But it is time now in the world to have the voice of the feminine be heard in female fertility in general and, in particular, fertility after 40.

For the women who were born to give birth at age 45, at age 50, 55 and beyond, I intend that they will have a support system, and an interpretation of fertility that facilitates their success along with a community of women nourishing the idea, that wanting to have a baby after 40 is beautiful and good.

Why Fertility After 40?


Have you been feeling disconnected from your
full feminine wisdom on your fertility after 40 journey?

Emerging as a thought-leader in the field of fertility, Deirdre is dedicated to helping women to engage their feminine wisdom in the fertility journey and beyond and is especially passionate about supporting women over 40 who are trying to have a baby,


Following her own fertility challenges and 3 miscarriages (Loreena, Doireann and Julianito), Deirdre came to realise that a lot of the pain and 'failure' she was experiencing was because she was not Engaging the Feminine® in her fertility journey and didn't really understand how to.

She became acutely aware of the pressure of time and the number 40 looming large over her even though she knew in her heart that this pressure was more to do with the cultural download than her capacity to have a baby. Through trial and error she finally understood how to really listen to her feminine guidance and became pregnant naturally with her beautiful twin girls.

 For over 13 years she has been creating resources for women on the fertility journey with processes including her Feminine Engagement Method™. Prior to that, while working as a community-based psychologist in Ireland, she grew to understand the importance of community in realising our dreams.

Deirdre herself is a good mix of masculine and feminine and her apprenticeship with the feminine continues! Passionate about learning and education for a new world, she is committed to life-long learning. She has an M.Ed. and M.Sc. in the area of Education and Psychology and continues to study subjects and inspire her.

Along with her partner Julian, she was founder of the School of Positivity Project in Malta. This was the first school project in the world to articulate in it's curriculum document the intention to engage the feminine along with the masculine in the learning process and culture.  But after a beautiful 3 years for their children and huge work trying to secure permits, they were told by the authorities that their children had to attend another school until such time as permits were issued. 

What was available did not fit with their vision of childhood and so they returned to Spain only to discover that their energy and efforts had blossomed there. So while on the surface it looked like failure, it turned out to be a gift. Another lesson from the feminine! Above is a video on the School of Positivity Project and some of the beautiful people who were part of that. Those who were part of this community will always have a special place in Deirdre's heart.

However this turn of events confirmed that Deirdre was being guided to return to her fertility work. And to serve her tribe of women in an even more powerful way. So she set out to do that.

with Jack Canfield

Deirdre is co-author of the best-selling book Soul of Success 1 with Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul®) and others, in which she introduced the world to what Engaging the Feminine® means. 

Along with a growing community of inspired women who are called to reconnect with their feminine wisdom, Deirdre is bringing about a new understanding of the role for the feminine in fertility and the co-creative process. Deirdre is now dedicated to helping women over 40 do the same so they can flower as women and mothers!  

If this resonates, you are warmly invited to be part of this!



I just wanted to let you know that after three years of infertility and trying all natural avenues… We became pregnant on our own much to our amazement… with a little boy due the exact same week as my 45th birthday. We are elated and I just wanted you to know how eternally grateful I am for everything you have helped me through. My Inner Goddess has never let me down since you helped me to meet her… And without your help I don't believe that I would have been ready for this blessing.


In tremendous gratitude, Ronne, USA.

Ronne, USA