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fertility after 40 and exercise

Fertility After 40 And Exercise  

Have you been wondering about fertility after 40 and exercise? This message of encouragement for women over 40 trying to have a baby, was inspired by the following request:

"Can you make a comment on fertility after 40 and exercise Deirdre?"

Before diving into details, what I feel can serve you most now around around this topic is an understanding of the following. In the patriarchal world we've been living in, developing our masculine side has been encouraged exponentially more than developing our feminine side.

In particular, we have valued hugely the mental world (associated with the masculine) - including figuring things out, problem solving and getting things done. In that climate, the body (which is associated with the feminine) has taken a not-so-important back seat.

We can see evidence of that in most school time-tables for example, this huge bias favouring mental activity over physical activity. As a result, many women over 40 have a relationship with movement that is inconsistent, temporary or at risk of being squeezed out of the picture by other activities that patriarchy adores. Like work!

Fertility After 40 And Exercise - 
A Patriarchal Relationship?

Another possibility is that we can find ourselves having a relationship with exercise that is quite masculine. What I mean by that is, that it is fueled by how we look as opposed to how we feel. And is a lot about "getting the job done" (timing, length of time, distance covered, number of crunches etc.) rather than enjoying the experience.

This article exploring whether exercise is good or bad for fertility shares interesting research in which 3000 women were questioned about their exercise habits and then asked 10-12 years later about their fertility.

"Among these women, we found two groups who experienced an increased risk of infertility. There were those who trained almost every day and there were those who trained until they were exhausted. Those who did both had the highest risk of infertility…." Sigridur Lara Gudmundsdottir

That "work" is valuable has been drummed into us in patriarchy. As has staying on the job until it is done.

For me, this research is revealing that when our relationship with exercise is about "having to do it every day" or "doing it until I cannot anymore", we are kowtowing to a masculine relationship with the female body.

One that does not listen to her. And does not understand the creative contribution of the feminine which emerges in rest, retreat and feeling good.

Fertility After 40 And Exercise - 
Engaging The Feminine™

For me, one of the most important parts of the 'fertility after 40 and exercise' story to consider now (if you want a baby) is to move away from patriarchal ideas about your body and the creative process. And begin engaging your feminine wisdom here.

That commences with taking on board how your body is feeling and adjusting your plans accordingly. And noticing how you are treating it. Are you judging it? Demanding more? Pushing it in spite of clear messages of pain - like we have been taught to do in patriarchy?

Then decide to show up with your body in a way that engages your feminine wisdom. One that listens without judgement and is not attached to numbers or a time line. And flows happily with your gorgeous feminine cycle.

This article by Nicole Crawford shares a 28 day exercise routine intended to increase fertility when trying to conceive. It is designed for women who are already doing 5 hours plus in the gym every week so that they can transition into a more feminine rhythm (my words).

It includes stretching, walking, yoga and rest while honouring your female cycle. And offers nice ideas if you would like to introduce some exercise, that can support your fertility, into your life now. In addition, this link shares answers to more specific exercise questions for women over 40 who want to have a baby and might be of interest.

Fertility After 40 And Exercise - 
Feminine Conclusions

No exercise and vigorous exercise point, in my view, to a loyalty to one or both of the following patriarchal attitudes towards the body (and the feminine):

  • the body doesn't have any value compared to the mind
  • get as much out of it as you can (produce, produce, produce).

However, when you exercise gently in a way that feels good, you are taking the power back from your masculine self and creating space for your feminine. And it is her presence that you need most now as a woman over 40 trying to have a baby.

Let her be part of your fertility and exercise journey so you can show up as the woman and mother you were born to be!

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