My Body’s Feminine Wisdom Visualisation

Feminine Wisdom Visualisation

Patriarchy and the Female Body  

Feminine Wisdom Visualisation has not been so very common in patriarchy! Indeed, it is probably safe to guess that, regardless of what country you grew up in, your creed or colour, listening to feminine wisdom visualisations was not part of your regular school curriculum!

In a way, the very opposite has happened. In that we have been trained to listen to and value what is male (logic, reason, taking action etc.). And, we have been taught that the MENtal is far more important that the physical.

In this climate, the female body has mattered in terms of what she could provide to patriarchy. Namely, offspring, sexual satisfaction and nurturing.

Feminine Wisdom Visualisation

So when you are met with a health or fertility challenge or it appears as though your female body is not functioning as it should (according to patriarchy). E.g. Not sexy enough. Not vital enough to be able to nurture others endlessly. Not producing children... you may feel very vulnerable. And even useless.

It is important to remember that these feelings do not reflect any truth about your value, importance or worthiness to thrive. And they come up because of the patriarchal download we have been swimming in for centuries.

I created this Feminine Wisdom Visualisation below so that you can begin to trust again your body. You beautiful female body. And enjoy a relationship with it that supports your health, vitality and fertility.

You will receive value from this Feminine Wisdom Visualisation even if you are not on the fertility journey. May it embrace you like a warm, comforting quilt now and always!

Audio - Feminine Wisdom Visualisation

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