Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs

feminine perspective on donor eggs

Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs  

Needless to say, I don't hold a monopoly regarding feminine perspective on donor eggs. But Michelle wrote to me after the publication of my previous post exploring the industry around donor eggs at 40. On foot of that, she had assumed that I did not approve of donor eggs. Therefore, I felt it important to provide clarification here.

I won't be commenting on the ethics of egg donation. I suppose that will be apparent when you listen to the audio below (which is quite different to the text). But what I have found is that the ethical debates on such issues so often exclude women's own experiences. Or an understanding of how the feminine works in the co-creative process. Which is exactly where I can offer most value to you now...

Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs -
Feminine Context   

But before I expound my feminine perspective on donor eggs, allow me to first explain the context in which this commentary emerges. Because this is part and parcel of engaging feminine wisdom here.

I know how the feminine shows up in the co-creative process. So whenever I am offering an opinion, I connect in with the Form Step of my Feminine Engagement Method®. In other words, I tune into the story - around this subject - that I want to be true. Because when I do that, I ensure that my contribution will facilitate the grounding of that reality if it hasn't happened yet. Or help it to flourish if it already exists. 

So I just wanted you to be aware that this is the background against which I share here....

Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs -
Beyond Patriarchy

For me donor eggs are playing a valuable role in our evolution beyond patriarchy. I see that happening especially in the three following ways.

With donor eggs, we move beyond our old understanding of what family is and who belongs in it. We peek past the hierarchical movement of genetic information that has excluded (or tried to) those who are not married for example, those physically distant and those not considered to be part of the tribe. To a sense of family that is much more expansive, inclusive and rich.

Donor eggs allow love, wisdom, and beauty to flow in new directions. To be shared across tribes, across cultures and across genetic pools. They are serving to bring us together as humans. And facilitate a level of co-creation that was impossible until recently. I love that!

Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs -

The second way I see that donor eggs are having the effect of accelerating our evolution beyond patriarchy, is that they are forcing us to consider again what it means to be mother. In patriarchy, mother was expected to be all things to everyone of her offspring. And responsible for every stage of development. And that is totally unrealistic and unsustainable.

With donor eggs we can see clearly that there are different expressions of mother and motherhood. And that each piece (e.g. biological, gestation, nurturing etc.) is a distinct articulation that can and does occur independent of the rest of the motherhood pallet.

Donor eggs provide the opportunity for women to show up in different ways as mothers. And are establishing the precursors, in my view, as to how we will be organising our world in the future...

So that every woman can experience the kind of motherhood she would love. As a woman in her power, honouring her authenticity and sharing her gifts at the time and in a way that allows her to contribute to this unique child.

Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs -

The third way that donor eggs are contributing to the transformation of this patriarchal world is the following:

Donor eggs are allowing women to support each other to experience success that can only happen with this profound feminine collaboration. They are bringing women together in beautiful new ways that are very personal. And even if the women involved have never met, donor eggs create intimate connections between us.

So while our patriarchal world has played women off against each other (because the masculine has been the ultimate prize), something beautiful is being encouraged here with donor eggs. One that creates new kinds of feminine alliances. That allow children to receive the best from all concerned. And I can feel so much good coming from that.

So that's my feminine perspective on donor eggs. Now I would love to hear yours! What comes up for you around this topic? Please share below because your feminine contribution really, really matters!

Audio - Feminine Perspective On Donor Eggs

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