Fertility After 50

Fertility After 50  

In the future, having a baby after 50 will be a regular event. Indeed, we will look back in disbelief as we recall how people once believed that this was not possible, appropriate or normal.

Fertility after 50 matters. And in my view, women over 50 who want to have a baby are creating a powerful transformational wave in the world, liberating us from limiting patriarchal ideas about female fertility. And requiring us to explore, at a much deeper level, the role of the feminine in the creative process.

If you are one of these women, your beautiful presence and desires are demanding that we do-away with taboos around age and fertility. And discover our creative power and contribution as women beyond the obvious egg and womb. And it is time.

My intention with this video, is to facilitate that feminine shift by asking questions that offer a context and a kind of 'logic' that help us to claim this as the next natural step in the evolution of fertility and of woman! Because it is! And you are part of that.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to be part of our Engaging the Feminine® Community where we are co-creating together a world in which women are in our full creative power and birth new life and a new world with ease. At 50 plus. And way beyond!

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