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female voice and fertility

Female Voice And Fertility  

Is there a connection between the female voice and fertility? It seems so. One aspect of this is that women's voices are more attractive at peak fertility.

For example, this study on physiological responses to hearing female voices recorded at high fertility, revealed that both men and women found naturally cycling, high fertility voices more attractive. While women on contraceptives did not elicit fluctuations in the ratings of their attractiveness over a menstrual cycle. 

Here is what Dr. Nathan Pipitone, from Adam State University In Colorado has to say on the female voice and fertility:

"The way a woman sounds varies with her menstrual cycle and is an unconscious indicator of fertility....Some of my work has shown that women that speak higher in pitch..actually produce more children and grandchildren.....We think it's due to how oestrogen...is related to female fertility. And so, women speaking on a higher pitch voice, we think that this is an indicator of trait oestrogen levels.."

So a woman's voice changes according to her cycle and is more attractive during peak fertility. It is wonderful to have research to confirm this.

But for me there is something deeper going on in the story of the female voice and fertility that we are being invited to explore.

Female Voice And Fertility
The Feminine Experience  

This audio and article below were inspired by a comment Melissa made on a previous post I published called Thyroid and Fertility. Here is what she had to say:

"Dear Deirdre, this post brought tears to my eyes. I have been holding back from commenting mostly as I am still fragile and feel my voice is gone and I don’t mean the physicalness of making sound from my throat…I mean that feminine voice that feels so held back. Held back because you observe yourself participating in all patriarchal models of this world but getting no where and there is an exhaustion that comes with it.."

In my view, Melissa hit the nail on the head around what is really wanting to be "heard" on the topic of the female voice and fertility.

The valuable research referred to above has been investigating the more superficial relationship between the female voice and fertility. And what patriarchy values most in a woman (i.e. her attractiveness and productivity).

But I can feel feminine wisdom calling us to look deeper at the issue of female voice and fertility.

Female Voice And Fertility
Feminine Wisdom 

Over the last 20 years, here are a few of the comments that I have most often heard from women in my work (especially women over 40 trying to get pregnant):

  • I couldn't speak like this with anyone else
  • You are the only one I have shared this with
  • People would think I am nuts if I told them this

And the reality is, as Melissa put it, that we as women have been holding back that feminine voice from deep inside. This patriarchal world has conditioned us into silencing her for fear of being judged, ridiculed, punished and/or ostracised.

And for me it is the silencing and supression of that feminine voice from deep inside that is showing up most strongly in fertility statistics for women over 40 and 50.

Female Voice And Fertility
Feminine Expression

Because not only does the female voice reveal monthly fluctuations in fertility. In my experience, the feminine voice is linked deeply to a woman's creative power and contribution to the world.

And when we silence her or limit her expression, a woman cannot show up in her full creative power.

So I created this audio below with the intention of supporting you into safe expression of that feminine voice within. Because your feminine voice matters deeply and there is wisdom there that can support you as a woman and a mother now.

I hope there was value in this for you and would love to hear your comments on this below.

Audio - Female Voice And Fertility -
Expressing My Feminine Voice Visualisation

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