Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility

feeling overwhelmed by fertility

Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility  

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by fertility and the whole fertility journey? I know I did. And it's understandable given how fragile one can find oneself when trying to get pregnant.

The emotions of infertility can begin to feel overwhelming even if you haven't been trying to conceive for years. And long before you might ever consider the question "should I give up or try with donor eggs?". The entire journey can be grueling.

In my research on this topic, I came across a few link article with 4 tips to stop overwhelm​. ​I would like to address the question of feeling overwhelmed by fertility by drawing on what I understand around it now. This audio and article were inspired by Jackie who shared with me the following:

Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility -
Patriarchal Fallout

"I'm feeling so overwhelmed .... and disabled by my environment".

One of the images that came up for me when Jackie was sharing her story, was that of a woman bent over with her face downwards. She is carrying heavy weight on her back. And relating to life from that place. And Jackie, it makes perfect sense that you would feel so very overwhelmed and disabled in your circumstances.

What also arose for me was that, in patriarchy which sees a woman's value from a masculine perspective - in terms of her beauty, ability to have children and get results - women have been juggling a million things. We feel responsible for children (and having them), partners, work, cooking, cleaning, parents, the future etc). And think that this is normal - when that is absolutely not the case.

But for me, something shifts for women over 40 and becomes even more pronounced approaching and after 50. So that what was tolerable, comfortable or even joyful about this juggling experience, starts to become insufferable and disabling.

Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility -
Your Feminine Creativity

What I have experienced in myself and others is that after 40 women become especially sensitive to imbalances in our lives, in our loyalties and in our environment. And that the guidance from your creative feminine becomes much, much louder.

Your creative feminine is tuned into what you truly want to create (at the deepest level) and her intention is to ensure that you pour your creative power into that. As opposed to what patriarchy has taught us to believe that we "should" or "have to" do.

And this is one of the most significant dynamics that wants to shift when you are feeling overwhelmed and disabled...as a woman, mother or mother-to-be. Because it prevents you from showing up in your power and steals your feminine creativity. Which so matters in fertility after 40 or whatever you are creating at this point in your life.

Feeling Overwhelmed By Fertility -
Your Feminine Wisdom

So Jackie, I am asking you to look at where on the motherhood journey, where in your journey as a daughter, partner, employee, visionary - and somebody with a legacy to leave - are you approaching these from a patriarchal standpoint. Which cares mostly about looking good (according to patriarchal ideas) and getting results (that serve patriarchy).

I invite you to take a Retreat from Patriarchy™ and recall that this sense of overwhelm is not a flaw or sign of weakness as patriarchy would have us believe. Rather, it is coming from a deep place within you and is nothing less than your brilliant feminine wisdom. Which holds your truest desires (all of them!) and is trying to guide you into investing your creative power in a way that will allow them to flourish.

I suggest that you retreat, not to try and fix what's going on, but rather to connect with your feminine wisdom here. Because there is brilliance there, deeply personal to you, that will help you transform this situation. And flower as the woman and mother you were born to be!

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