Fast Tracking Your Creations Or Not?

fast tracking your creations

​Are You Fast Tracking Your Creations? 

In our patriarchal, male world we have been taught than in order to fast-forward our creations we need to ​(1) know the 'right' people and/or (2) have the 'right' knowledge or insider information. 

​In other words, moving forward at a more accelerated pace requires ​us to be plugged into certain echelons of our patriarchal world.

​But instead of empowering us to express our creativity in the ways that are most meaningful, this idea works wonders ​for keeping the distribution of power in the old patriarchal families, boy's clubs, countries etc.

But you have your own unique way of fast tracking your creations - one that doesn't depend at all on who or what you know. In the video below, I share 3 ways you can tell if you are fast tracking your creations....or not. ​

​Fast Tracking Your Creations? - 3 Ways To Tell

​In Module 6 of 'Your Creative Feminine Design', I will be teaching how you were uniquely designed to fast track your feminine creations.

​​​I invite you to click here​ to discover more and join me on this beautiful, feminine journey.

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