Expressing Your Creative Feminine® Qualities? 3 Ways To Tell

feminine qualities

Are You Expressing The Fe​minine Qualities You Need To Be Expressing?

​Our patriarchal, male world has trained us into believing a one-size-fits-all approach to the kind of feminine qualities we females 'should' express. 

So when we think 'feminine qualities', it's notions of kindness, nurturing, sexiness, beauty, being intelligent (but not too much) and loyalty​ to the family/relationship/job - in one form or another - that tend to surface first.

In other words, we have been conditioned into behaving in a way that suits our male world and maintains patriarchal institutions in place. But your birth chart reveals the traits that you need to express so you can bring your Creative Feminine® contribution to the world.  

This becomes especially important when your desires exceed what our patriarchal world believes is appropriate or possible for you to create (like, for example, having a baby after 50).

​Video - Your Most Important Feminine Qualities

In this video, I share 3 ways you can tell if you are expressing your Creative Feminine® Qualities - or ones that stifle your creativity and prevent you from showing up as the woman you were born to be.

​Exploring the feminine qualities that you need to be expressing in the world will be the focus of Module 4 of Your Creative Feminine® Design Program.

​​I invite you to click here​ to learn more about the feminine qualities you need to express (a lot) - to bring your feminine legacy into the world.