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enhancing fertility after ectopic pregnancy

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy    

Are you wondering about enhancing fertility after ectopic pregnancy? Ectopic pregnancy occurs when, instead of attaching to the lining of the uterus, the fertilised egg attaches elsewhere. Most commonly, in these situations, it implants in the fallopian tube.

Ectopic pregnancy may leave scar tissue or other complications. And alongside the medical support, there are natural ways of treating scar tissue and healing from ectopic pregnancy.

This audio and article below came about in response to the following message I received:

"I experienced ectopic pregnancy that has physically impaired my fertility".

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy -
Patriarchal Patterns 

The way I feel I can serve you most in this post is to shed some light on the wider context in which this has happened for you.

In the patriarchal model, judgment around our 'impairment' as women and creators has been rife and it is very easy for us to accept this assessment. For me, it reveals also this patriarchal habit we have of blaming the feminine for things going wrong or creating an inefficient/ ineffective way.

It can be useful just to honour and recognise that the interpretation of impairment (especially when there is evidence for that), has been the final word in patriarchy. End of story.

But my sense is that your feminine wisdom is inviting you into exploring another possibility also. It sounds like your story is asking for feminine holding here.

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy -
Feminine Wisdom

I’d like to draw from the first step of my Feminine Engagement Method™ which is to Form a new story that is not limited to the patriarchal interpretation. One that feels good and allows you to feel reconnected with your full creative power.

From that place then, I invite you to entertain the notion that your ectopic pregnancy was actually a very sacred feminine experience in your life and in your body. And although, on the outside it looks likes failure, I’m inviting you to consider that all of those pieces were perfectly designed to help you reclaim your true co-creative power.

If that feels like something you could play with for a moment, then bring your awareness into your womb, into your fallopian tubes and that whole region of your body. And instead of a sense of impairment or damage, can you consider that this has actually been a repairing? A reclaiming of your feminine wisdom. A recreating of how you really want to be in the world, of how you want to show up with your feminine.

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy -
Feminine Language

What comes up when you allow yourself to sit with the idea that the whole experience - rather than representing something that went wrong - actually represents the seeds of something that is so, so right for you?

When I introduce that kind of language and possibility, my breathing drops deeper. But there is also a sense of softness, of flow, of freshness. (I had the image of rose petals here).

There’s a sensual visceral feminine presence that feels much more connected with your core, with your brilliance, with your true creative power. And is not limited at all by a patriarchal interpretation of your beautiful feminine history.

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy -
Feminine Reflection  

I would like to invite you to explore new ideas and words in relation to your ectopic pregnancy and to this part of your body.

And intend to give birth to a Form - an interpretation of this story - that engages your feminine wisdom. One that honours you, your baby, your creative power, your beautiful womb and fallopian tubes and allows you to flower as a woman and a mother now.

These feminine reflection questions will help in that regard.

  • What are you so attached to that is preventing you from flowering as a woman and a mother?
  • Where in your life are you 'planting' in places inhospitable for you in the long-term? 
  • What is preventing you from waiting to plant where you and your creations can thrive?

Audio - Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy

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