Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 Plus

enhancing egg quality

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48  

Enhancing egg quality becomes a salient theme in fertility after 40. Hence numerous web pages helping women to improve the quality of eggs. With, for example, 10 steps to enhancing egg quality in 90 days. And supplements that can support you.

The impetus for this post came about as I was researching Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. Because for me, it oozes feminine wisdom that can support your ovaries. And add, in my view, to a question I addressed in another post "do thoughts affect fertility?".

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 -
Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

​So what is Ovarian Remnant Syndrome and how can an understanding of it serve you?

"Ovarian Remnant Syndrome (ORS) occurs if any ovarian tissue is left after surgery to remove both ovaries and fallopian tubes....The syndrome occurs if this ovarian tissue causes severe pelvic pain and/or a pelvic mass".

John F. Steege, MD. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
University of North Caroline Chapel Hill.

But it was what Dr. Ken Sinervo, from the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta, divulged about this phenomenon that peaked my feminine interest. According to him, "this little piece of ovarian tissue can generate its own blood supply and respond like a normal ovary would to stimulation by FSH, produce hormones and create ovarian cysts".

Perhaps you are wondering where the feminine wisdom is in that? And how can it help you now?

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 -
3 Ovarian Wisdom Tips!

In ways, ovarian remnants remind me of what women who want a baby in their late forties and fifties often encounter. Which is the sense of being 'inadvertently left' behind in the patriarchal race to have a baby. A feeling of being forgotten about as mothers and the assumption that they are 'useless' in this regard. So let's proceed to that wisdom....

1. Create your own blood supply: For me this is about the social support piece of your fertility journey. Because many people still don't believe it is 'normal' or 'appropriate' to consider having a baby at 45 plus, you may find your social blood supply no longer offers the nutrients you require.

So the message here is to stop expecting your support to come from the same familiar place. And create instead a new supply of social support geared specifically to sustain you on your motherhood path.

2. Remember that you are still very responsive: In that sense, be selective about what you expose yourself to. So that it is easier for you to be responsive to that which empowers your feminine and your fertility. This may involve looking at your food with more discernment, for example, or the dramas in your life that are eating you up.

3. Be aware of your creative power: Even if other's might be convinced about time running out to have a baby at 48, you are hugely creative. That is part of your feminine essence and nature. And it's not going away.

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 -
Fertile Thoughts!

So back to those negative fertility emotions and thoughts that hang over our ovaries when trying to conceive at 48 plus (and often much earlier). Because these make up a significant portion of the meal to which we are being responsive (point 2 above).

What we have been taught about our ovaries after 40 is a world of poor quality and limited resources. Of dwindling efficacy with the loud stamp of an expiry date. And these perspectives have shaped our thoughts around our ovaries and our relationship with them.

Might the cloak of theses notions begin to recede a little as you recall the evidence above - that comes direct from the ovary herself? As opposed to a world that doesn't understand or value (yet) the mature feminine?

Because this is powerful stuff. And can support you deeply. So next time you think about your ovaries, intend that a cascade of the following qualities follows close behind! They are resourceful, resilient, innovative, capable, surprising, intentional and brim full of life!

Enhancing Egg Quality At 48 -
Fertile Conclusions

Just to be clear here, you are not an ovarian remnant. Nor are you a patriarchal left-over. You are a whole, vibrant woman on a journey of discovery.

Ovarian remnants can remind you of what is possible with just a fraction of your feminine power. Imagine then, what your gorgeous ovaries are capable of when you are plugged into your full, feminine wisdom? Because that is my intention for you here!

(P.S. I continued to reflect on this wisdom from our ovaries after I published this post. It was then I could see the even deeper feminine message in this. I share that in a post called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome​ and invite you to check that out too!)

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