How to Enhance Fertility During Menopause & Perimenopause

enhance fertility during menopause

Fertility, Menopause  & Perimenopause   

How to enhance fertility during menopause and perimenopause is a theme that comes up for many women planning to have a baby in their late forties, fifties and beyond.

As an initial step to enhance fertility during menopause, I invite you to check out my article on menopause and sleep​ as the connection between sleep and fertility is hugely overlooked in my experience. And it's an easy place to begin.

​This video and article below were inspired by the question below from one of the wonderful women in our tribe. ​

Deirdre, how can I enhance fertility during menopause or perimenopause?

​So here is how I am guided to respond. It is empowering to realise first, that our current understanding of what menopause means is a male one. Because in our patriarchal world, the female body and fertility have been interpreted, described and treated as something that is designed for the purposes of the masculine - namely as a source of pleasure or a provider of heirs.

​Menopause, from that perspective, has come to symbolise a stop on the road for a woman - the point at which her creative power and value disappear. And because this has been the dominant 'wisdom', we have accepted that interpretation as truth.

​So we haven't dared to even think about how to enhance fertility during menopause because that's just too old to have a baby. ​Right? ​

Patriarchal Beliefs,
Menopause and Perimenopause

​If you are a women who wants a baby after 50​ for example, the idea of menopause reversal probably feels like a fairy tale. Hence the symptoms of menopause are greeted with fear and dread. Because when you want a baby but feel old, that seems to be the only logical response.

​Logical from a patriarchal perspective. But that reaction will not enhance fertility during menopause. However, such is our belief about time running out to have a baby that the fears of not having a baby become even stronger than the desire to have one. In other words, we start pouring our feminine energy (feelings for example) into what we don't want​ instead of staying focused on how to enhance fertility around this time.

​Because this is what we have been taught in patriarchy which does not understand at all how the Creative Feminine​™ works or the significance of feelings in the creative process.

Feminine Wisdom ​

So let's begin to engage our feminine wisdom with this. Instead of being afraid of menopause and perimenopause I am inviting you to befriend it. Befriending your body rather that fighting or fearing it will help you to tune into the feminine wisdom that can support you here.  

Even if your body appears to be showing up in a way that is going against your greatest desires (pregnancy), I invite you not to be distracted by that. That is just our current patriarchal understanding of the story of fertility and the feminine.

By embracing it and allowing yourself to be at peace with what is showing up in your fertility, you let it support you to co-create what you truly want. When you make this shift mentally, then your body becomes an ally as opposed to something that you have to fight in order for your dreams to come true (please see the video below).

Enhance Fertility During Menopause -
Your Body's Feminine Wisdom

​What is most important in order to enhance fertility during menopause, is to step back from a male relationship with your body and engage your feminine with it. In a way that embraces exactly what is now.

Even if you don't understand yet how your symptoms could be helping you, you can give yourself permission to open up to the possibility that this journey is still supporting you. This requires deliberate intention and focus but it is possible.

​What happens when you play around with the idea that your body is guiding you into your deepest desires and helping you to show up as the woman and mother you were born to be? Please share with us below as your feminine contribution really matters!

Video - Enhance Fertility During Menopause and Perimenopause

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