Energy For Fertility? How To Get It In 3 Steps

energy for fertility

Energy For Fertility  

Having a full life already, you may be wondering how to get energy for fertility and the journey ahead. Apart from ruling out issues such as thyroid imbalance, you can increase energy for fertility by exploring what to eat and drink when trying to conceive.

This can also happen through an improved relationship with food.  By practicing yoga or by enhancing your physical environment with feng shui for example. The list goes on. I would like to address the topic from another perspective so that you have the energy you need to flower as a woman and a mother.

How do I get the energy physically and emotionally
to prepare for this journey?

Get Energy For Fertility - Step 1

What comes up for me when I read this is the following. I would just like to invite you to check in with yourself, that the desire to have a baby is your own, personal, authentic desire. It feels important to visit that space first of all.

Because in the download of patriarchy, we have been led to believe that our value as women is inextricably linked with motherhood.  With marriage, partnership and family. And while times have changed, these values still flavour strongly the soup of our experience in the world. 

It is not unusual for women to feel huge external pressure to have a baby. When that's the case, and it does not correspond with her own truth, it is easy to wonder how to get the energy for fertility and what that journey might bring. I am not doubting that you want to have a baby.

But I am inviting you to give yourself permission to feel deeply your truth around this desire. Make sure it is yours. Including the timing of it. If it is, you will find that it much easier to resource the energy for fertility. Like the salmon in the image above. She swims upstream, against the flow to lay her eggs. But because it is an authentic expression of her own creative desire she finds the energy for fertility and motherhood within her.

Get Energy For Fertility - Step 2

When you're asking that question you might be feeling that you don't have the energy for fertility and all that implies. I suppose that you are referring to the fertility journey. But maybe also to the motherhood piece.

Step 2, then, is to take some time and look at where your energy is going. Ask yourself, where am I giving my energy away? Where I am wasting energy that I need for motherhood now?

In my experience, when you are asking the question about where to get energy for fertility, your feminine wisdom is giving you a nudge. She is letting you know that there are things in your life that need to be released so that you have the energy for fertility now.

Get Energy For Fertility - Step 3

The third step I would invite you to be take is to make a list of what you need to have the energy for fertility. What do you need more of so that this journey can be a delicious one for you? What do you need more of so that moving forward feels like an exciting adventure? Before you google "how does caffeine affect fertility", take these 3 steps and share with us below the feminine wisdom that this reveals!

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