Emotions Of Infertility – How You Can Support Yourself

emotions of infertility

Emotions Of Infertility   

The emotions of infertility are often underestimated but can really take their toll on a woman. Invisible to the outside world, so much energy can be taken up with trying to manage or hide the emotions of infertility. So as not to disturb others or protect ourselves from insensitive infertility comments

But the emotions of infertility are there none the less and often surface in our alone time or when things around are quiet around us. This video and post below was inspired by the following question from Nadine.

Deirdre, how do I deal with the emotional aspects of infertility?

This is a wonderful question. For one, because the whole idea of emotions and women's emotions in particular is something that patriarchy )(our male world) struggles with.

And, I love the question for another reason. Because as you allow yourself to ask that question "how do I deal with, how do I respond to, how do I navigate through my emotions?", you are connecting with your feminine wisdom.

For me, that is the most important piece for a woman who is planning on getting pregnant after 40.

How To Deal With The Emotions of Infertility

So how can you deal with the emotions of infertility?

Well first of all, and this perhaps is the most important step, is to open up to a shift in your relationship with emotions and with your feminine. And I invite you to entertain the notion that even if:

  • You don't understand it fully yet,
  • Those around you don't understand it yet
  • The medical world doesn't understand it yet....

Your emotions are precious jewels.

Within your emotions are hidden gifts for you on your fertility journey. They contain guidance around ​creating what you really, really want.

A Feminine Response To Your Emotions

You can begin to allow yourself to engage with and really explore the gift wrapped in the emotions of infertility. You can get to know these emotions and understand them.  And, you can embrace the possibility (the truth in my view) that your emotions are brilliant. Nothing less. 

When you begin to connect with your feminine power and wisdom in this way, your emotions can help you to navigate into fertility success. They can support you into the kind of motherhood that you would love - the version you truly want to create. 

And they transform from "something that has to be dealt with" into something that can be danced with. I'm inviting you to dance with your beautiful emotions.

Patriarchy And Female Emotions

Even if you are dealing with infertility depression, I invite you to begin to dance with that. Feel the movement, the rhythm. Notice the beat and the way your body moves or doesn't move. This presence, allowing and connecting is part of how to deal with the emotions of infertility.

Dealing with emotions is something that we did in patriarchy - because our male world is terrified of them. So we keep the down. Suppress them. Hide them and prevent people from feeling them.

I invite you to dance with yours, because there are some beautiful manoeuvres ahead that will surprise, delight and serve you powerfully as a mother. For more on dealing with the emotions of the two week wait check this out.

​I hope there was value in this for you and would love to hear your opinion or experience of dealing with the emotions of infertility. Please share below as your feminine contribution here really, really matters.

Video - Emotions of Infertility