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egg reserves running out

Egg Reserves Running Out  

Egg reserves running out can be a huge source of worry for women who are planning to have a baby. Especially after 40.

For background information, you will find here the medical explanation and response to egg reserves running out. And becuase ​I have already shared my personal opinion on eggs running out​, what menopause means​ and why infertility is a medical issue (or not), I won't be commenting on these here.

​This audio and article below were inspired by a comment Brid made on my post exploring sleep and fertility.

"....I feel I`m giving my reserves to others and ending up feeling sapped at the end of the week"....

Egg Reserves Running Out -
Patriarchal Influence

When I read this Brid, what jumped out at me was the phrase "giving my reserves away."

Immediately what that triggered for me was an image of you giving your egg reserves away. You mentioned in your comment that it was so difficult to prioritise sleep - to get the sleep you need - because of having so much to juggle.

And this is mirroring what is happening for many of us on the fertility journey. Even though you are aware that sleep is so important and fundamental for you as a woman, it is still so hard to actually carve out that space and claim it. Because in patriarchy, this (and so much of the feminine) is not seen as valuable (or even relevant) in the creative process.

Egg Reserves Running Out -
Feminine Wisdom

I know that having another baby is part of your heart's desire. As is being the woman you came here to be. So I am wondering if it would help you Brid, in those situations when you see yourself giving your reserves (energy) away, that you say to yourself, "I'm giving my egg reserves away". And see if that facilitates a shift in behaviour for you.

Because sometimes when we're caught in the pattern, it is hard to stop it. But when you realise that this behaviour is actually tied into a much deeper place. That affects your creative process, your fertility and your relationship with your feminine - then perhaps it will help you to surrender to the slumber you need now. (See also these 3 tips for enhancing egg quality).

Egg Reserves Running Out -
Feminine Reflection

Instead of creating new eggs​ or creating healthy follicles​, for example, we have been trained to pour our creative feminine energy into the patriarchal production line and to maintain the status quo.

Does it help you to care for yourself. Brid, when you realise that putting patriarchal expectations first might be accelerating the depletion of your egg reserves? Or diverting your creative energy away from what is truly important to you as a woman?

And might that be a key ingredient in the 'egg reserves running out' story that many women - wanting a baby after 40 and 50 - are meeting? That we are pouring our reserves into what others think is important with the result that our own dreams die? I would love to hear your comments on this below...

Audio - Egg Reserves Running Out

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