Egg Donation Means ‘You Can’t Do It Alone’?

egg donation

What Egg Donation Means   

Are you someone for whom the subject of egg donation presses a lot of buttons? ​Then, I invite you to read on...

​Below is a message I received from the wonderful woman in our tribe who prompted this audio and article. Here is what she had to say: 

"Something is triggered in me whenever I read about egg donation, Deirdre. Egg donation has very strong connotations in my mind and what I hear is: 'You can't do it on your own. You have no options.' "

What Egg Donation Means -
In Patriarchy  

​So allow me to explain what I hear when you share that with me. It goes like this: Your mind translates the idea of egg donation into a message - to you as a woman - that you can't have a baby on your own. That you have no options. And this does not feel good at all.

​It's not at all about being a single mom. What I detect from the rest of your message is that egg donation inspires in you a desire to ​fight against the notion that a woman needs donor eggs at 40 plus.

And explore further, perhaps, the politics behind the assumption that infertility is a medical issue. So you can live in a world in which women know, for example, that we can conceive naturally at 48 ​and beyond. Would this be true to say?

What Egg Donation Means -
Feminine Wisdom  

​If so, the best way I can serve you in this, is to help you listen to your feminine wisdom as she is showing up in your response.

​That begins with a reminder that when you are feeling bad or triggered ​about something, that is a message from your feminine wisdom. She is letting you know that your interpretation of the situation is at odds with her broader view.  

​More importantly, though, she is pointing out to you that this train of thought is not the track you want to be on. If you are to create and experience what you most desire. ​And she is inviting you to disembark and point instead towards your preferred destination.

What Egg Donation Means -
Engaging Your Feminine   

​The way I am suggesting you do that is to draw upon the first step of my Feminine Engagement Method®, which is to Form a new story around this. What I mean my that is the following. Intend to create a narrative here so that what is triggered in your beautiful body - when you hear "donor eggs" - is something that feels good.

​Because that's what your feminine wisdom is calling you to do with this. ​Allow me to just share what that might look like in this situation.

Let's hone in on the phrase, "You can't do it on your own." That's what you have been hearing. But what if you were to​ play around with the idea that the whole topic of donor eggs could be feminine wisdom reminding you that you are not alone in this. That you don't have to do it alone. That you were never meant to feel alone in motherhood.

And that you can receive feminine support now in ways we never thought possible before. How would that feel? ​​

What Egg Donation Means -
More Feminine Wisdom 

Let's try another example with regard to the "you have no options" part of this mental knot.

​Imaging if the connotations that were triggered for you on the topic of donor eggs reminded you instead that you have so many options. Way more than patriarchy realises!

Because it's not about exploring the question 'should I give up or try with donor eggs?'.​ What matters here is that you can experience this subject in a way that actually serves you. One that reconnects you with your feminine wisdom . And your full creative power.

​So if you find yourself feeling even a little bit better allowing these new thoughts to weave wisely into this entanglement, that is your feminine wisdom inviting you to continue along this track. Because by doing so, you are pouring your beautiful creative energy into what you truly want. Instead of wasting in on what you don't.

Audio - What Egg Donation Means

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