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don't want to have a baby on my own

Don't Want To Have A Baby On My Own  

Are you in your 40's or 50's thinking "I don't want to have a baby on my own"?  Perhaps you are single or in a relationship with somebody who doesn't want a baby. So what are the options?

In my research for this post, I discovered something that will probably be a lot more common in the future. Co-parenting brings together people who want to have and rear a child without being in relationship with the child's mother or father. Here's what they say about that:

"Co-Parenting can be a beautiful thing. Although a child will grow up with separated parents these will be people who have chosen to have this child to love, nurture and protect and that can be done extremely successfully under two roofs."

This audio/ article below was inspired by the following message I received from Rachel. What came up for me when I read it was the deep feminine wisdom inspiring her desire:

"I don't want to do it alone Deirdre."

Don't Want To Have A Baby On My Own -
Patriarchal Reality

​In our current, western world model we have the idea that not having a baby alone means having a baby with a partner. One significant other. But I'm hearing something that's tapped into even more feminine wisdom....

The reality is that in the patriarchal download, even if you have a partner (a male partner most often), the woman and the mother can often feel very alone. I know that in my own situation, even though Julian is a super-hands-on dad, I have felt very alone in my motherhood. And very alone as a woman.

No doubt this was exacerbated by the fact that I was in a different country to the one I grew up in and I didn't speak the language. But there was more to it than that.

Don't Want To Have A Baby On My Own -
Feminine Wisdom

There was a part of me, the feminine in me, that needed to be nourished at a deeper level. Not just at a superficial patriarchal level. And this part of me felt very alone indeed.

So Rachel, when you share with me that you don't want to have a baby on your own, I'm hearing your feminine wisdom at work here. Guiding you into creating a situation in which you feel very much supported in motherhood. And very much supported as a woman independent of motherhood. In our current patriarchal model, that may or may not happen when you are in a relationship.

So regardless of whether you have a partner or not, I would be inviting you to start creating that community. Become aware of the kind of supports and resources you need to thrive as a woman.

Don't Want To Have A Baby On My Own -
Nourishing Your Feminine

Let me offer a few ideas here. Would you love to have community around you supporting you as a woman and a mother? One that can see your feminine wisdom in situations that are at odds with what patriarchy thinks is 'right'.

Would you love to have a special space that helps you to access the wisdom within that can be difficult to hear in our patriarchal world?. How would it feel to have a cohort of women in your life with whom you can safely share whatever is going on for you? Without judgement.

I invite you Rachel, to intend to attract that now. Develop a picture of you in motherhood - with a partner for sure if that's what you want - in which you're feeling really supported. One in which you have a sense of belonging to a wider group that is supporting your family, that is helping you access your feminine wisdom, that is helping you to thrive on every level.

Audio - I Don't Want To Have A Baby On My Own