Don’t Want Donor Eggs? – 3 Tips

don't want donor eggs

Don't Want Donor Eggs   

There are many reasons why women don't want donor eggs to create their family. These range from feeling 'I want my baby to have my genes' to being worried about the cost of ivf. And a whole host between and beyond those.

That's before considering a partner's preferences - if you have one - about being a donor egg mom or dad. Or if your doctor said to try ivf again ...but this time in a different way. It's a complex issue.

But what options to do you have if it seems that you can't have a baby, you don't want donor eggs and your chronological age is raising eyebrows in the fertility world?

This audio and article below were inspired by an article I read about advances in fertility technology. One part of which I felt could really serve you - if you don't want donor eggs to be part of your fertility story.

Re-Energising Eggs!

The research to which I refer hones in on special components of the (egg) cell called mitochondria. Among other activities, mitochondria produce up to 90% of the chemical energy a cell needs to survive.

Researchers found that when they introduced mitochondria - from a donor egg - into the egg of a woman with mitochondrial disease, the result was a healthy egg. With mitochondria from the donor and DNA from the woman who wants to have a baby.

This inspired others to explore the possibility of re-engerising mitochondria of 'older' eggs without a donor. Especially for women who are concerned about their healthy egg reserves running out but really don't want donor eggs.

The Energy Boost Procedure

And they discovered that it is possible to provide a woman's egg with an 'energy boost' by adding extra mitochondria taken from her own beautiful body! How did they do this?

What follows is an excerpt from that article:

The procedure....begins with a small biopsy of a woman's ovary, according to Jon Tilly, a reproductive biologist at Northeastern University who holds the patent. Scientists process that ovarian tissue to yield stem cells called egg precursor cells, which can become eggs under the right conditions...

A doctor injects mitochondria from those stems cells into the woman's egg along with the sperm. The aged egg, which may have had damaged mitochondria that wouldn't work as well, then has fresh mitochondria from the egg precursor cells to generate energy.

"The idea is that you're essentially re-energizing the batteries in the egg so it has all the energy it needs to take a sperm and make a healthy embryo, which then makes a healthy pregnancy," Tilly said.

​Ellie Kinsaid, Business Insider (2015)

3 Tips If You 
Don't Want Donor Eggs

Although still in the experimental phase when written, the procedure resulted in 19 pregnancies and 2 live births. (I did not manage to locate more up-to-date numbers yet). Great news but how can you benefit from that now in your fertility?

Well, I see lots of feminine wisdom showing up in this story that you draw from now. And here are your 3 tips!

Tip 1: The first is to be aware that even if your eggs are more mature, they still have huge creative potential. This is important because we have been led to believe that a dramatic, downward fertility slope is inevitable for a woman. As a result, many of us are left with an images of deterioration, decay and death when we consider our eggs at 40 plus.

But there is feminine wisdom in this research inviting us to revisit that perspective and remain open to the idea that, once they receive what they need, your eggs are fresh, vital and full of possibilities.

It's important to allow this idea to sink it and notice what happens when you do that. Because it will change your relationship with a core part of your female body (if you let it). And expand your understanding of what really is possible for your creative feminine when obsolete patriarchal limits take a back seat.

Feminine Wisdom
Tip 2

Tip 2: The second tip of feminine wisdom that is important to share here. if you don't want donor eggs, is the following. Your creative feminine needs to have her batteries recharged. If you have been trying to conceive for years to no avail, the chances are that your feminine batteries are running low if not empty altogether.

How can you know? Play with me here...

What's the first number that comes to mind when you answer the following question. If Full Battery = 10 and Empty Battery = 1, what number indicates the level of your creative feminine battery now? It's not a standardised test obviously, but it will provide you with insight into how your creative feminine is really feeling.

Thanks to the patriarchal push towards constant work and what has been drummed into us about a woman's biological clock after 40, the likelihood is that you have never recharged in the way you need to.  But this research is screaming loudly that you must, if you want your creative feminine to produce.

So make a list of how you can recharge every single day for 30 minutes. Every single week for a few consecutive hours minimum. And every month for a few days. Surfing the net doesn't count by the way. Nor does watching t.v. This is about plugging into what elicits in you a sense of freshness, adventure and aliveness as a woman.

Feminine Wisdom
Tip 3

The third flag of feminine wisdom raised in this story is (tip 3) that the boost of energy can come by connecting with the parts of your creative feminine that are, as yet, only possibilities. In stem-cell mode. Unexplored territories within you that will empower your creative feminine if you allow yourself to be curious and bother to take the time.

It could be your silence, your breath, your movement, your forgotten dreams, and /or your deepest desires that never really got a chance to be developed. It relates to parts of you that have not been sitting in the patriarchal download for decades and decades. Because they probably would have been judged in some way. But they have energy to support you now.

What were you passionate about as a child? Would you love to write poetry, make mugs from clay, sing in a choir, learn the cello, dance a tango, draw a cartoon, fashion a dress, volunteer overseas or go on safari? Come up with ideas that allow you to connect with parts of your feminine that never had the opportunity to show up. Because patriarchy had other priorities for you.

In this way you give yourself another kind of stem cell energy injection. It is time for something to be born for you here. And it is time to birth that now. Will you?

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