Doctor Said To Try IVF Again – I’m Confused

doctor said to try ivf again

Doctor Said To Try IVF Again  

Has your doctor said to try IVF again? Triggering confusion, perhaps, or a cascade of negative fertility emotions?

At some level it brings up the debate around who should be making IVF decisions. But this post below is more personal and was inspired by Teelah's story.

In her late 30's, herself and her husband went through four rounds of IVF (which was very hard for her). She felt enormous pressure and fear around time running out to have a baby. But something shifted for Teelah when she turned 40 and they decided to stop trying to have a baby via IVF and allow it to happen naturally.

That journey through IVF actually brought them both into a more conscious, healthy relationship. And she began taking care of herself physically, mentally and spiritually.  She was very happy with how things were going - trusting more and more that they were actually on track, and preparing as parents....

Until her gynaecologist and family friend reminded her gently that 'she could slowly consider trying IVF again' (but this time, from a natural cycle in her home country). This suggestion really brought anxiety to her heart. Teelah reached out for help because she was afraid of losing herself again in this confusing IVF dilemma.

Doctor Said To Try IVF Again -
But Now I'm Confused

Falling back into your fertility doubts as a result of this 'gentle reminder' is totally understandable Teelah. It comes about because of our partiarchal conditioning that has taught us that the parent, professional or authority figure knows best. Causing you to disconnect from your feminine wisdom (which is tapped into your broader intentions, dreams and desires as a woman and a mother).

It's not that fertility doctors don't have feminine wisdom of course. But it's not part of the medical model and they are not necessarily aware of it.

In the audio below I untangle what is really happening for you now. And how you can move forward in the best direction. Even if you are confused because the doctor said to try IVF again.

I invite you to listen to that, so you can return to feeling empowered and happy on your fertility journey. And confident in your decisions around IVF and motherhood. Because there is valuable information within it - that you will teach to your own children one day!

Audio - Doctor Said To Try IVF Again