Do Thoughts Affect Fertility After 40?

do thoughts affect fertility

Do Thoughts Affect Fertility After 40?  

Well do thoughts affect fertility? The short answer is yes. You can find a summary of some of the research relating to the question 'do thoughts affect fertility' here. And questions that can help you detangle negative fertility thoughts here.

This article shares tips on how to stay positive while trying to conceive. While I will address 'how do thoughts affect fertility' in this video post from a broader perspective that includes feminine wisdom.

How do my thoughts affect my fertility?

Do Thoughts Affect Fertility? -
Personal Thoughts

Your personal thoughts are like the sea in which you swim. Just like some seas are more salty than others, the water flavours the experience of the swimmer.

Your personal fertility thoughts might be along the following lines for example.

  • "I am here to have a child"
  • "I know that this is my destiny"
  • "Motherhood is going to be a reality for me"

And these positive fertility thoughts and expectation will have an impact on you as a woman. They are going to shape your fertility behaviour, the decisions you make, how you interpret your fertility experiences and the fertility stories you share with others.

Do Thoughts Affect Fertility? -
Collective Thoughts

But there is also the greater ocean of collective thought to consider here. Which holds the collective beliefs of the culture and planet. These also have an impact on your personal fertility beliefs. And the beliefs of fertility professionals.

For the last few thousand years we have been immersed in a patriarchal ocean of thought. One in which what is masculine has been adored. And the feminine has been valued only in terms of how she can serve the masculine (sex, giving birth, rearing children). In that ocean of belief a woman's youth has been appreciated, for example, but not her maturity. And this collective patriarchal consciousness holds fertility beliefs such as:

  • Female fertility declines with age (follicles reducing in number since before a woman is born)
  • There is a rapid decline in fertility after 40
  • Women can't have children naturally after 44

These thought and beliefs also affect fertility and the questions we allow ourselves to ask. They shape fertility policies and practices around the world. They influence when women are deciding to have children. And how they feel when trying.

Both your personal fertility thoughts and the collective fertility thoughts affect fertility. They will be shaping subtly and not so subtly your decision, plans, intentions and the thoughts you are having about children and motherhood after 40.

Do Thoughts Affect Fertility? -
Feminine Wisdom

Education on the planet has focused on developing the mental faculties (reason, logic etc) associated with the masculine. We know that thinking is important. And we are on kind of an autopilot in relation to that.

But in that download, we have forgotten the role of the feminine. And how feelings and emotions fit into the creative partnership with thoughts.

Yes, your thoughts do affect your fertility. But when you start Engaging the Feminine™ (engaging your feminine wisdom), those thoughts become gorgeous allies and your greatest friends. And then the masculine can show up in a way for the feminine that it really wants to. In the way that it was designed to. So that beautiful co-creation can occur.

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