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disappointed in my female body

Disappointed In My Female Body  

Do you find yourself feeling 'disappointed in my female body'? If your answer is yes that is worth noting, because these thoughts may affect your body and fertility

But it is not surprising that you might feel that your body is letting you down when you consider the way that infertility has been addressed through-out history.

This audio and article below were inspired by a conversation I had with one of the wonderful women in our tribe. The topic that came up in our discussion was that of being 'disappointed in my female body'.

She shared that there was a sense that her body was high maintenance - there was disappointment in it. And that her body was not giving somebody what they want.

Disappointed In My Female Body -
Fertility Over 40

This is something that we often feel on the fertility journey, particularly in fertility over 40 and fertility over 50. But the thing is that, in truth, this is a feeling that many of us are familiar with from the time that we are very young.

A sense that our bodies are not good enough. Our breasts not large enough. Our hair not pretty enough. Our figures not desirable enough, and this continues throughout our lives.

For me, this energy is a reflection of the patriarchal belief that the feminine is not good enough. And exists to satisfy the masculine.

Disappointed In My Female Body -
Patriarchal Perspectives

When this wonderful woman shared specifics, she commented on being high maintenance. The feeling that her need for sleep, regular food and self-care were very inconvenient and meant that she was high maintenance.

Even that idea of high maintenance, is very product-oriented. Which is, of course, part of the patriarchal bias. And the lens through which a woman's value has been determined.

Plus it forgets that sleep, self-care, and nourishment are fundamental to well-being and balance. Not only in our lives as individual women, but also for the planet.

Disappointed In My Female Body -
Feminine Wisdom

We have been conditioned into ignoring all the needs of the feminine and believing that they are superfluous, selfish, irrelevant and a waste of time.

But your feminine wisdom is tapped into something much deeper and more profound. And she has not forgotten that all of co-creation requires the feminine and the masculine.

Part of the feminine contribution in baby-making and beyond includes the need for retreat and rest. The need for nourishment. The need to step back sometimes and allow this co-creation to happen (without any direct action at this point).

You are being invited to remember the truth that your body is very wise and also tapped into the birthing of something much bigger on the planet.

We are co-creating a world in which we can show up as women and mothers in a way that honours the true contribution of the feminine and draws out the very best in the masculine also.

Your feminine wisdom will guide you there..... one step at a time. And you can be very, very proud of your female body in the co-creation of this new reality!

Audio - Disappointed In My Female Body

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