On Your Feminine Foundations? 3 Ways To Tell

feminine foundations

​Are You Connected To Your
Feminine Foundations?

The video below shares ​3 ways to tell if you are leveraging your Creative Feminine™ Foundations. Why?  Because we have been trained to believe that our foundations - our security, source of strength and resources - come from one patriarchal system or another. 

Like your patriarchal family, marriage, qualifications or an employer. And yes they can and do give us strength. But these are 'truths' we have been taught to ensure that the patriarchal status quo continues. 

So when it comes to creating something that is dear to your heart as a woman - something that others doubt you can or should do - you need to be leveraging your ​Creative Feminine™ Foundations too. ​

​Do you recognise any of these 3 experiences in your life? If so, please share below how that shows up because your feminine contribution here really, really matters!

​You were designed to create in a unique way and in Module 1 of Your Creative Feminine™ Design, I will be teaching you all about your Creative Feminine™ Foundations and how to leverage them ​to birth what you would love in your fertility, professional life and feminine legacy.​