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​Creating New Eggs After 40      

​We have been taught that creating new eggs is not possible after 40. Forget the 'after 40' bit actually. The download that women have received about our ​eggs, is that they:

  • Are Limited - we are born with all we will ever have. ​
  • Are Decreasing in Value - their quality reduces with age.
  • Have An Expiry Date - they are useless after 4o (or there abouts).

​This mirrors nicely how women have been perceived in our ​world patriarchal world. The one in which the masculine has held the power, decided what truth is and set the global (fertility) curriculum. The one that has omitted, almost entirely, the feminine from the story of creation and the creative process. ​

​So now, most 'educated' people are well versed in how age affects fertility​, ​obediently accept the eggs running out lark and don't consider it possible to get pregnant at 48 plus. On top of that, we blindly believe that infertility is a medical issue.

Because every aspect of female fertility and creativity has been rolled up in a tight patriarchal tampon - that prevents us from messing with this clean, bleached interpretation. And so the status-quo continues.

​Change Is Afoot

But more and more women are asking "can I start ovulating after menopause?" ​and even wondering what menopause means really. Because we know that  ovulation after menopause can and does happen.

And we have documented evidence of, for example, ovulation at 57​ - 3 years after the cessation of this woman's menopause. ​So changes to the patriarchal story are weaving in from women's bodies and questions - (especially from those who just don't want donor eggs​). And, of course, from science!

This audio and post below were inspired by research that is offering the possibility of creating new eggs in a new way. I've referred to it before, but this time I was reminded to share another angle of feminine wisdom that can support you now around the topic of creating new eggs.

​What follows is an excerpt from a Business Insider article reviewing new fertility technologies. ​

The Research on Creating New Eggs

'Another way to get more eggs than a woman's body makes available naturally is to make them from normal body cells, called somatic cells. This can be done by first converting somatic cells into stem cells that can become many different types of cells in the body ..... then into egg cells.

Animal sperm and egg cells made this way have resulted in viable offspring, and scientists have succeeded in making human sperm... in this way... There are still significant questions about the safety and efficacy of this process, but Dr. Norbert Gleicher (Medical Director ​of the Center for Human Reproduction fertility clinic in New York City) thinks that making human eggs and sperm from somatic cells is an achievable goal in the next 10 years.'  
Ellie Kinsaid (2015)

​Can you see the feminine wisdom waving wildly here?

​Feminine Wisdom On Creating New Eggs

I didn't myself at first. But here it is. Often, when we think of our fertility and ​having a baby, certain body parts come to mind. ​Fallopian tubes, for example, or your ovaries and womb.

​​Because these are the places, we have been taught, where our fertility is located. And they are. Patriarchy is gifted at isolating parts and exploring them in detail - an invaluable approach from which we have learned so much.

But the feminine has a much broader perspective. She can see how apparently unconnected parts of your body and story are influencing and can influence your fertility. And she is inviting you to explore this further by: 

  • No longer pretending that your fertility is unaffected by environments, relationships and circumstances that drag you down. Because your feminine wisdom knows otherwise - even if it you would prefer not to admit that. You have come here for more than this and, deep down, you want to transform these too.
  • Consciously connecting with parts of your body and life that can support you. So as you close your eyes to sleep at night, tune in with your eggs for example. And allow yourself to receive support into your eggs, from your whole body.

​Creating New Eggs - With New Connections

From your heart, imagine love flowing into your eggs. From your arms, strength. From your lungs, the power of your breath. From your eyes, the vision of your toddler running around and you thriving as a woman and a mother. From your legs, the ability to move forward with confidence and walk new paths

​Allow each beautiful part of you to contribute to your egg health, fertility and motherhood. And just see how you feel as you cultivate that habit. What shifts as you do that? Because when you start engaging your feminine wisdom in this way, something must change. If you persist.

​And instead of having articles about unexplained infertility at 44 for example, we will read instead about unexplained fertility ​at 50, 60, 70. Unexplained from a patriarchal position. But you and I will be able to! Let this play with creating new eggs be fun for you now - and another lovely story you will be telling your child!

​Audio - Creating New Eggs

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