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conceive naturally at 48

Can You Conceive Naturally At 48?  

Can you conceive naturally at 48 years? Sarah Briggs did. As did LaDonna Braun.  But let's face it, even if more and more women are wondering how to get pregnant naturally at 50 years, for example, most fertility education paints a bleak outlook. In my view however, fertility education has ignored completely one huge piece of the fertility puzzle. The audio below (which contains more than the article)  came about in response to the following question:

I'm 48. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for six years. We tried IVF three times and it failed. Please let me know what I can do to conceive naturally..."

In our patriarchal world, we have been preoccupied with what is happening at the physical level. On what is visible and obvious. As a result, we probably have the idea that to conceive naturally at 48 (or any age) would look something like this:

  • Making love with your male partner or
  • Having sex with a man
  • Becoming pregnant as a result
  • Without medication
  • Without any medical intervention

For many people, this is the mental model that comes up when we consider what it means to conceive naturally at 48. But it is a mental model that has been shaped by a patriarchal experience of life. One in which we have been trained to put our attention on what is visible.

Conceive Naturally At 48 -
Feminine Perspective

The feminine is not at all limited to what is visible or logical! She is connected to a much wider experience.  A much more expansive understanding of what's real, what's possible and what it means to conceive naturally at 48 for example.

My invitation to you is to start Engaging the Feminine™ if you wish to conceive naturally at 48 . Instead of focusing on what is visible or obvious around this, open up to a broader perspective.

Play around with the idea of what it means to conceive naturally at 48 and remember this:

In creation, what is truly natural is expansion, growth and that manifestation occurs through the path of least resistance. That's the way nature does it. That is what is most natural.

Deirdre Morris
Engaging the Feminine™ in Fertility And Beyond

If you can permit yourself to surrender to what is natural from a feminine perspective, you open up to new possibilities in your fertility. They might include medication or medical intervention.

But your relationship with these will be very different indeed. Because you will be able to see them as part of what it means to conceive naturally at 48 (or any age).

Conceive Naturally at 48
by Enaging the Feminine™

Expand your understanding of what conceiving naturally actually means. Open up to a feminine understanding of natural. Doing this allows creation to flow without judgment.  Without analyzing it, without a fight. And see what happens when you make that shift.

Decide that you are going to conceive naturally at 48, for example. But naturally from a true understanding of how the creative process works and how it is expressed. Conceive naturally by tapping into your feminine wisdom and being available for how this creation wants to birth through you. I have teased this out more in the audio below.

Audio - Conceive Naturally at 48

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