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chromosomal abnormalities at 44

Chromosomal Abnormalities At 44    

​Because it has been drummed into us about egg reserves running out, you may find yourself torn between being afraid you can't have a baby at your age​ and the risk of having chromosomal abnormalities at 44 plus (if you do have a baby). 

But even if the subject of chromosomal abnormalities evokes more of those negative fertility emotions​, you may still be unclear as to what they actually are. 

Therefore, before I respond to the question I received from Jem about her experience with chromosomal abnormalities at 44, I will share with you an explanation from Genetic Alliance, because it can be empowering to know what we are talking about here.

​What Are Chromosomal Abnormalities?

Almost every cell in our body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46 chromosomes. Half of the chromosomes come from our mother, and the other half come from our father...

​.... All of the information that the body needs to grow and develop comes from the chromosomes. Each chromosome contains thousands of genes, which make proteins that direct the body’s development, growth, and chemical reactions.

Many types of chromosomal abnormalities exist, but they can be categorized as either numerical or structural. Numerical abnormalities are whole chromosomes either missing from or extra to the normal pair.

Structural abnormalities are when part of an individual chromosome is missing, extra, switched to another chromosome, or turned upside down.

​Chromosomal Abnormalities At 44 -
Jem's Experience

​What follows is an extract from the message I received from Jem about her experience with chromosomal abnormalities at 44. 

The video and text below reflect one way I coached her - given the other information she shared about her fertility story and life situation. I was inviting her to consider this perspective because it felt ​important if she wants to support her intention of creating healthy follicles​ to enjoy healthy eggs after 40​.

In my view, it offers feminine perspective that is very valuable when you want to be a confident pregnant woman​ and mother!

"At 44, are my eggs really chromosom​ally bad?...

...My AMH, LH, and FSH are in the normal ranges and I have unexplained infertility. Cycles are like clockwork, but the doctor said it's because my eggs are chromosomally poor." Jem

​My Response....

​Although, you didn't share the nature of the abnormalities, Jem, it sounds like they may have been structural issues  - mentioned above in the explanation. 

​And in my research on ​chromosomal abnormalities at 44 plus, I came across wonderful images that, for me, told a beautiful story. About the structure in particular.

​I share it because there is feminine wisdom from which you can benefit now especially if you want to ​get pregnant with your own eggs​ - which you do.

​Feminine Clues...

There's a part of the egg called a meiotic spindle which is involved in organising the chromosomes into pairs so that they can divide successfully.

There was a photo of a spindle from a chromosomally normal egg through which the chromosomes lined up in an orderly fashion. (I demonstrate this in the video below. The pairs were in a line - there was beautiful alignment.)

In the second shot, with abnormal chromosomal development, the meiotic spindle had a similar shape, but the chromosomal pairs were dotted all over the place - out of alignment and lacking order. The following is a quote from ​that article

​"When the chromosomes line up properly in a straight line on the spindle apparatus in the egg, the division process would be expected to proceed normally so that the egg would end up with its proper complement of 23 chromosomes.

However, with a disordered arrangement on an abnormal spindle, the division process may be uneven - resulting in an unbalanced chromosomal situation in the egg."

​​Jem's Story 

For me this is mirroring what is happening in your life Jem. On the one hand, you are saying "Yes, I want to be a mother now". But on the other, there is huge reluctance and fear around that happening.

Specifically, you mentioned anxiety around the impact of pregnancy and motherhood on your business (you being the leading force in that). ​And, as a successful business woman, you expressed concern that your professional status will suffer - that you will be perceived negatively by colleagues.

In short, it's not straightforward at all for you and there is a lot of tangled energy around having a baby at 45​. So you want a baby and you don't. (In our patriarchal, male world I am sure that many of us can relate to this.)

​Feminine Wisdom

For me, your clever chromosomes ​are reflecting this situation. Your cycles are like clockwork and all your levels are in the normal range yet still you are not getting pregnant.

Why? I suggest that part of the reason is because the fundamental structure of your life perceives pregnancy as a ​disordered arrangement. It's simply unbalanced - in your current environment - that prizes performance and achievement over everything else it seems. 

​Instead, your life circumstances elicit from you a basic response that maintains your current lifestyle - preventing you from having a baby. Because at a deeper level - for you as a woman - it doesn't really feel safe (emotionally, professionally and financially).

Your Feminine Wisdom

​Like the photo of the abnormal chromosome, there are pieces of your life that are out of alignment - if you want to be come a mother now. And these pieces, are preventing you from embracing motherhood fully.

​So Jem, I am be inviting you to engage your feminine wisdom here and ask yourself the following: ​

  • ​Am I happy with my life as it is or do I really want to become a mom? (Because being super clear here will help you make changes if you need to).
  • ​What would need to happen for me to open up fully to having my baby?
  • What ideas/people do I need to let go of so I can relax into motherhood now?
  • What additions are required so that my environment nourishes what is most important to me as a woman now?

​Chromosomal Abnormalities At 44 -

​There is so much evidence of fertility in your fertility story and that is important to celebrate! If you have special concerns around disabilities, Jem, or are afraid your baby will have autism, for example, you will find value in the post I wrote addressing that issue.

In the meantime, give yourself time to respond to the above and feel your truth around them. So that you can show up as the woman and mother you were born to be.

In the future, texts around ​preventing chromosomal abnormalities in pregnancy will refer to the feminine influences on pregnancy success - that are not yet acknowledged in the patriarchal approach to fertility. Thanks for your part in that evolution!

​I hope there was value in that for you and would love to hear your opinion and experience around this. Please comment below because your feminine contribution here really, really matters.

Video - Chromosomal Abnormalities at 44

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