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Can’t Have A Baby – No Matter What I Do

No Matter What I Do I Cant Have A Baby   Does it feel like no matter what you do, you can’t have a baby? Maybe you’ve tried everything to get pregnant or you’ve been trying to conceive for years. Or perhaps it’s more about a fear around your eggs running out. And you don’t believe […]

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Trying To Have A Baby – To Move In Same Direction As A Couple

Trying To Have A Baby   After a while, trying to have a baby may well begin to take on a sense of urgency. Especially if you are concerned about your biological clock after 40. There are plenty of articles out there on tips for trying to conceive, how to get pregnant fast and common baby-making […]

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Trying To Conceive For Years – Feminine Wisdom

Trying To Conceive For Years?    Have you been trying to conceive for years? Trying to have a baby for a year is one thing (and it is nice to know that 44% of women in this study conceived naturally after one year).But it’s a different ball-game when that’s been going on for years and you […]

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TTC After 40 But My Body Letting Me Down

TTC After 40?   Are you ttc after 40? (That’s trying to conceive – just in case you are not familiar with the abbreviation). If so, you belong to the growing number of women trying to have a baby after 40. In the UK, for example, “The Office for National Statistic’s figures show that pregnancy rates […]

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Possible To Get Pregnant At 48? – Feminine Wisdom

Possible To Get Pregnant At 48?   Is it really possible to get pregnant at 48? In my research for this article, I observed that many authors on this topic seem to feel obliged to focus on the risks of getting pregnant at 48. So no need for me to follow suit there.  While this article […]

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How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant – Feminine Wisdom

How To Cope With Everyone Else Getting Pregnant   Wondering how to cope with everyone else getting pregnant? Certainly it can be a very difficult time for a woman, hearing about yet another friend’s pregnancy. So much so, that it has been the subject of many other articles In this video and article below, I will […]

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