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He Had A Vasectomy But I Want A Baby

He Had A Vasectomy But I Want A Baby    Is this true for you: ‘he had a vasectomy but I want a baby’? If so, you are not alone. Can you increase chances of pregnancy after vasectomy? Yes. There are fertility options available that can help you to get pregnant after vasectomy. They include […]

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How To Transform Baby Loss – Feminine Wisdom

How To Transform Baby Loss    Because it has most obviously affected women, how to transform baby loss has not been very high on political agendas. Until recently, that is,  as women have the courage to share their stories. In situations where it would have been perceived as inappropriate in our patriarchal past.  A beautiful example […]

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I Want A Baby But I’m Single And 48

I Want a Baby But I’m Single And 48   Can you resonate with this: I want a baby but I’m single and 48? I discovered valuable advice around this in my research. It seems like there are many women desperate for a baby but single. It has even been granted the title of ‘social infertility’ […]

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Partner Doesn’t Want Donor Eggs? – 3 Tips

​Not Seeing Eye To Eye On Donor Eggs?   ​It’s a delicate scenario when your partner doesn’t want donor eggs. Especially when you feel you are running out of time to have a baby​ and your back is to the wall to make a decision ​about whether you should give up or try with donor […]

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Sex For Getting Pregnant After 40 – 3 Tips

Sex For Getting Pregnant After 40:  Most of the available information around sex for getting pregnant, while hugely valuable, comes from a patriarchal (male) perspective of life and the creative process. ​​Within this fertility framework, the cleverly calibrated clock and its trusted tick thunder loudly and there is little or no understanding of the role […]

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