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Your Relationship With Men – Is It Helping You?

​Your Relationship With Men…​Is your relationship with men helping you to create what you want most in the world – or, perhaps, preventing you from doing that? In other words, are you in your own feminine power (not to be confused with being overpowering) – or playing out some role that we have learned as […]

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Selfish To Want A Baby When Single After 40?

​Is It Selfish?  Has somebody suggested to you that it is selfish to want a baby when single after 40? Or​ is this something swirling around in your own awareness using up the energy you need to be a mother​ now? Let’s face it, dealing with insensitive ​infertility comments​ is a useful skill to develop when […]

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Don’t Want Sex With My Husband After IVF

​Don’t Want Sex? ​Can you relate to the idea ‘I don’t want sex with my husband after IVF’? Or any part of the fertility journey​ – even if it didn’t include IVF? I can. ​​It’s a tough pill to swallow. Let’s face it, the chances are that you were probably already feeling disappointed in your female […]

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Marriage Crisis After IVF – 3 Tips

​​Relationship In Trouble? Experiencing relationship or marriage crisis after IVF is a destination visited by many couples aching for a baby and it’s totally understandable because even without IVF the fertility journey can be​ fracturing.  ​On top of the regular fertility stress​ that needs to be dealt with, having to use technology to get pregnant ​can […]

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Let Go Of A Relationship – 3 Tips To Make It Easy

​​Time To Let Go Of A Relationship? ​If you are wondering how to let go of a relationship this is for you. Because you can let go of a relationship with a ​bitterness and hostility that feels raw even decades later. Or ​you can let go of a relationship ​​​in a manner that feels easy, respectful and […]

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Is She Really My Friend? – 3 Ways To Tell

​Is She Really My Friend ?   ​Have you been asking yourself the question “is she really my friend”? If you have, be aware that your feminine wisdom is guiding you to explore this further. It’s not as difficult to discern as you might think though. By going through the 3 steps I share below, […]

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