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Preventing Preeclampsia – Feminine Wisdom

​Preventing Preeclampsia   ​Is preventing preeclampsia on your mind? Well. it’s a topic worthy of exploration even before pregnancy because there is feminine wisdom that can support you in preventing preeclampsia.  This post was inspired by a message I received from a happily pregnant Gila. Here is what she had to say. ​​​“I would love to […]

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Twin Loss – 3 Tips To Support Your Pregnancy

​​Twin Loss Or Loss Of A Triplet  The experience of twin loss or loss of a triplet is far more frequent that we realise. Especially in recent decades with technologies like IVF in which it is common for more than one embryo to be transferred. ​But how can you deal with twin loss in a […]

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How To Be A Confident Pregnant Woman – After So Much History

​How To Be A Confident Pregnant Woman    ​Are you wondering how to be a confident pregnant woman? Especially after so much fertility history. Or infertility history as we have been programmed to view it. ​This audio and post came about in response to a message I received from Chloe who is 45 and pregnant. Here […]

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