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Fertility Restored – A Case Study

​Fertility Restored  ​Do you love to hear ‘fertility restored’ stories? I do! As a result, I have shared elsewhere examples such as ovarian function returns and premature ovarian failure pregnancy​.  ​This audio and article below explores another case of fertility restored which feels important to disect with you. It was inspired by an article by […]

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Healthy Eggs After 40 – 3 Feminine Wisdom Tips

Healthy Eggs After 40   ​Do you desire to have healthy eggs after 40 or find yourself thinking about enhancing egg quality​? The wish to have healthy eggs after 40 can be particularly strong if you are getting pregnant after miscarriage  or concerned about preventing chromosomal abnormalities​ and know that you don’t want donor eggs​ […]

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Ovarian Remnant Syndrome – Feminine Wisdom

​Ovarian Remnant Syndrome   ​You may never have heard of ovarian remnant syndrome but it tells a story that women should know. I first explored it in a post about enhancing egg quality in which I share 3 tips of feminine wisdom that I see in ovarian remnant syndrome.​Since then, I have been reflecting further […]

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Creating Healthy Follicles – Feminine Wisdom

​Creating ​Healthy Follicles   ​Thoughts around creating healthy follicles and eggs ​often tag along on the fertility journey. Especially if you resonate with the theme: ‘want a baby but feeling old​’. This post was inspired by an article ​addressing technological developments in fertility​. ​It shared that ​creating viable eggs- mice eggs- has been achieved successfully […]

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Ovulation At 57 – Documented Evidence

​Evidence Of Ovulation At 57   ​It’s just wishful thinking right – ovulation at 57? More of that ‘raising false hope in fertility after 50’ shenanigans. Because we should just accept that it is too old to have a baby after 50. ​Or not….This audio/article below was inspired by an article from the Journal of Fertility […]

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Can I Start Ovulating After Menopause?

Start Ovulating After Menopause?   ​Would you like to start ovulating after menopause? It’s a topic that is coming up more and more often in the world of fertility. And that, in my opinion, is a very good thing! This audio and article below were inspired by a question I received from Tracey – one of […]

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