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How To Transform Baby Loss – Feminine Wisdom

How To Transform Baby Loss    Because it has most obviously affected women, how to transform baby loss has not been very high on political agendas. Until recently, that is,  as women have the courage to share their stories. In situations where it would have been perceived as inappropriate in our patriarchal past.  A beautiful example […]

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Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage – Feminine Wisdom

Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage    Getting pregnant after miscarriage doesn’t really come up for discussion, unless you have had a miscarriage. If that is true of you, I would like to honour that. To honor your motherhood, your baby and your baby’s contribution to the world. Even if you don’t understand that yet. The statistics around […]

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What To Say After Miscarriage – Feminine Wisdom

What To Say After Miscarriage?  Are you wondering what to say after miscarriage to a friend or loved-one? ​It’s a situation that leaves many of us tongue-tied. Why? It’s because our patriarchal, male world is uncomfortable with female fertility and finds it hard to deal with the internal world beyond thought – e.g. feelings and […]

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