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Don’t Want Sex With My Husband After IVF

​Don’t Want Sex? ​Can you relate to the idea ‘I don’t want sex with my husband after IVF’? Or any part of the fertility journey​ – even if it didn’t include IVF? I can. ​​It’s a tough pill to swallow. Let’s face it, the chances are that you were probably already feeling disappointed in your female […]

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Marriage Crisis After IVF – 3 Tips

​​Relationship In Trouble? Experiencing relationship or marriage crisis after IVF is a destination visited by many couples aching for a baby and it’s totally understandable because even without IVF the fertility journey can be​ fracturing.  ​On top of the regular fertility stress​ that needs to be dealt with, having to use technology to get pregnant ​can […]

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IVF Failed? – 3 Tips To Support You Now

​When IVF Doesn’t Work Out   ​If IVF failed and you are a woman, the probability is that you have processed that as “I failed”. Does that resonate? Because every women should be able to have a baby right? That is what we are designed for – or so we are taught.  In truth, many of […]

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Proceed With This Fertility Clinic Or Not?

​Proceed With This Fertility Clinic?   ​Have you been debating whether to proceed with this fertility clinic? One ​with which you have already connected – on the internet or in person? The decision to seek fertility treatment is big enough. But many women find it’s just the beginning. Because trailing behind this milestone comes the […]

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One Embryo Died – 3 Tips To Support Your Pregnancy

​​One Embryo Died    ​What can you do when one embryo died? This post comes about in response to a message I received from Amata who had been pregnant with twins after embryo transfer​. Here is what she had to say:this audio comes about in response to a message I received from Amata who had […]

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After Embryo Transfer – 3 Tips For Your Success

After Embryo Transfer   ​Can you increase your chances of a successful pregnancy after embryo transfer? Of course you can! ​I have published on the topic of preparing for embryo transfer in a previous post, and invite you to listen to th​at audio. Even if you have already gone through the ivf process (embryo transfer procedure […]

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