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Infertility Costs Exploiting Women – Feminine Wisdom

​​Infertility Costs   ​Do ​infertility costs seem exorbitant to you?  I’m not referring to donor egg exploitation – the subject of which generated many comments in a previous post. Nor am I addressing the scenario in which you might be worried about the cost of ivf​ and wondering if it is wise for you to […]

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Why More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies

More Women Over 50 Will Have Babies   More and more women over 50 will have babies. Let’s accept that as a fact. It used to be that having babies at 40 was news – but that feels like ancient history now. Record numbers of women over 50 giving birth have already been documented, inspiring reports […]

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Can’t Have A Baby – No Matter What I Do

No Matter What I Do I Cant Have A Baby   Does it feel like no matter what you do, you can’t have a baby? Maybe you’ve tried everything to get pregnant or you’ve been trying to conceive for years. Or perhaps it’s more about a fear around your eggs running out. And you don’t believe […]

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Infertility Is A Medical Issue – Or Is it?

Infertility Is A Medical Issue?   Infertility is a medical issue. Or is it? This audio and article came about as I was researching another article on coping with secondary infertility. While perusing through the Resolve website (national infertility association in the US), this definition of infertility jumped out at me: “Infertility is defined as […]

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Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities In Pregnancy Over 40

Preventing Chromosomal Abnormalities    Have you been wondering about preventing chromosomal abnormalities? It can be a source of concern – especially for women trying to have a baby after 45. I will link to a few external sources around this first before exploring the topic below from a more feminine perspective. So here’s how chromosomal […]

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Can Fertility Doctors Have Feminine Wisdom?

Can Fertility Doctors Have Feminine Wisdom?   Can fertility doctors have feminine wisdom? What is your experience? This article was prompted by the insightful comment below from Martha on a post I published called Finding A Fertility Doctor At 51. “Yes, the specialist I selected is male….he’s not the first fertility specialist I’ve consulted. I rejected […]

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