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Biological Clock After 40 – Feminine Wisdom

Biological Clock After 40  Concerns about the ticking biological clock after 40 have a huge impact on women. And, more recently, on men. But where did this morbid fear of the biological clock after 40 come from? Contrary to what you might have thought, the term “biological clock” is a modern brainchild that first began […]

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Do Thoughts Affect Fertility After 40?

Do Thoughts Affect Fertility After 40?   Well do thoughts affect fertility? The short answer is yes. You can find a summary of some of the research relating to the question ‘do thoughts affect fertility’ here. And questions that can help you detangle negative fertility thoughts here. This article shares tips on how to stay positive […]

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When To Give Up Trying To Have A Baby After 40

When To Give Up Trying To Have A Baby   Has this question been running through your mind – when to give up trying to have a baby? It did for me. And deciding to stop trying to get pregnant is not an easy one. In fact, giving up the motherhood dream can be a harrowing […]

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Using Up Energy I Need To Have A Baby After 40

Using Up Energy I Need To Have A Baby   Ask yourself this: “Am I using up energy I need to have a baby?” Sure you may want a baby after 40 or 50. And you may be actively trying to have a baby. But because of the patriarchal download, the answer to the question “am […]

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One Embryo Left At 49 – Need A Boost Of Faith

One Embryo Left At 49 Years   Having one embryo left to transfer can bring up a lot. Some women will be more concerned that there is only one embryo left to transfer. For others, it is not so much about the number. It’s the matter of what to do with one frozen embryo that generates […]

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Reduce Fertility Stress & Have A Baby After 44

Reduce Fertility Stress   You know intuitively that it would be beneficial to reduce fertility stress. It makes sense that your body might be more open to having a baby when you are feeling good. But do the numbers support that? Below is a quote from an article on stress and infertility research which may motivate […]

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