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Want To Know My Fertility Truth – Feminine Wisdom

Want To Know My Fertility Truth   Has the thought ‘ I want to know my fertility truth’ come up for you as a woman? (If you are wondering how you can even know if you are living your truth, this article shares 7 signs you are living your truth.) But with regard to your fertility truth, […]

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Afraid For My Health In Fertility After 40

Afraid For My Health In Fertility After 40   Does being ‘afraid for my health in fertility after 40’ sound familiar? Perhaps you are dealing with other health issues or noticing changes in your body that trigger fear. Good to know that there are ways to support your health in fertility after 40.This audio was inspired […]

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Don’t Want To Have A Baby On My Own – Feminine Wisdom

Don’t Want To Have A Baby On My Own   Are you in your 40’s or 50’s thinking “I don’t want to have a baby on my own”?  Perhaps you are single or in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t want a baby. So what are the options? In my research for this post, I discovered […]

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Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy – Feminine Wisdom

Enhancing Fertility After Ectopic Pregnancy     Are you wondering about enhancing fertility after ectopic pregnancy? Ectopic pregnancy occurs when, instead of attaching to the lining of the uterus, the fertilised egg attaches elsewhere. Most commonly, in these situations, it implants in the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy may leave scar tissue or other complications. And […]

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Egg Reserves Running Out After 40 – Feminine Wisdom

Egg Reserves Running Out   Egg reserves running out can be a huge source of worry for women who are planning to have a baby. Especially after 40. For background information, you will find here the medical explanation and response to egg reserves running out. And becuase ​I have already shared my personal opinion on eggs […]

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Running Out Of Time To Have A Baby At 50? – Feminine Wisdom

​Running Out Of Time To Have A Baby?    Do you feel that you are running out of time to have a baby? Not surprising. Even though we have more and more women having babies in their fifties, the truth is that tens of thousands of us are worried about our biological clock after 40. […]

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