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Giving Up On Having A Baby? – Feminine Wisdom

​Giving Up On Having A Baby? ​Is giving up on having a baby something you are considering now? It can be a minefield for a woman, especially if you have been trying to conceive for years and already forked out a lot in infertility costs. ​ ​This audio and article came about in response to a […]

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Infertility Costs Exploiting Women – Feminine Wisdom

​​Infertility Costs   ​Do ​infertility costs seem exorbitant to you?  I’m not referring to donor egg exploitation – the subject of which generated many comments in a previous post. Nor am I addressing the scenario in which you might be worried about the cost of ivf​ and wondering if it is wise for you to […]

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Menopause And Sleep – Feminine Wisdom

​​Menopause And Sleep   ​Menopause and sleep changes very often share the same bed. Accompanied by disturbances in slumber for about 61% of menopausal women, many are struggling with the impact of sleep deficit during ‘the change’.​​The reasons why menopause and sleep disturbances occur, we are told, is due to hormonal alterations that happen in […]

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Healthy Eggs After 40 – 3 Feminine Wisdom Tips

Healthy Eggs After 40   ​Do you desire to have healthy eggs after 40 or find yourself thinking about enhancing egg quality​? The wish to have healthy eggs after 40 can be particularly strong if you are getting pregnant after miscarriage  or concerned about preventing chromosomal abnormalities​ and know that you don’t want donor eggs​ […]

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Alone And Want A Baby After 40 – 3 Tips

​​Alone And Want A Baby   ​When you are alone and want a baby after 40, getting pregnant goes way beyond the biological bits. Because the implications for a woman are so much broader. ​Until recently – with patriarchy cock sure of itself – having a baby as a single woman was a punishable offence. ​Because […]

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Get Pregnant With Your Own Eggs – 3 Tips

Get ​​Pregnant With Your Own Eggs?   ​Is there anything you can do to get pregnant with your own eggs? Or course there is! And not just inside a clinic…This post was inspired by an article in the New Scientist with the title ‘Exclusive: Menopausal Women Become Pregnant With Their Own Eggs’. It shared how […]

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