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Motherhood After 50 – But Will I Cope?

​Motherhood After 50   ​Desires and plans for motherhood after 50 frequently take place in private because not everyone is going to support you on this. Perhaps you’ve discovered that… ​This blog post was inspired by Ulrika who shared with me the following: Deirdre, how do we deal with pregnancy after so much history? I fear […]

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Fertility Over 50 – New Fertility Calculations?

The Future…   ​The number of women exploring fertility over 50 is on the rise and this trend is going to continue. So much so that we will chortle at the idea that it’s too old to have a baby at 50​. When I paint this picture, many assume that this scene will depend on […]

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Infertility Costs Exploiting Women – Feminine Wisdom

​​Infertility Costs   ​Do ​infertility costs seem exorbitant to you?  I’m not referring to donor egg exploitation – the subject of which generated many comments in a previous post. Nor am I addressing the scenario in which you might be worried about the cost of ivf​ and wondering if it is wise for you to […]

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Menopause And Sleep – Feminine Wisdom

​​Menopause And Sleep   ​Menopause and sleep changes very often share the same bed. Accompanied by disturbances in slumber for about 61% of menopausal women, many are struggling with the impact of sleep deficit during ‘the change’.​​The reasons why menopause and sleep disturbances occur, we are told, is due to hormonal alterations that happen in […]

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Healthy Eggs After 40 – 3 Feminine Wisdom Tips

Healthy Eggs After 40   ​Do you desire to have healthy eggs after 40 or find yourself thinking about enhancing egg quality​? The wish to have healthy eggs after 40 can be particularly strong if you are getting pregnant after miscarriage  or concerned about preventing chromosomal abnormalities​ and know that you don’t want donor eggs​ […]

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Alone And Want A Baby After 40 – 3 Tips

​​Alone And Want A Baby   ​When you are alone and want a baby after 40, getting pregnant goes way beyond the biological bits. Because the implications for a woman are so much broader. ​Until recently – with patriarchy cock sure of itself – having a baby as a single woman was a punishable offence. ​Because […]

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