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Giving Power To Patriarchy – A Personal Story

​​Giving Power To Patriarchy   ​So very often we are giving power to patriarchy without even realising it. When I cast my mind back on my own fertility struggles and early years as a mother, I can see clearly now how I was giving power to patriarchy. As if that was some kind of noble […]

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Patriarchal Language Affects Fertility After 40

Patriarchal Language Affects Fertility   Have you noticed how patriarchal language affects fertility? Specifically, your fertility and experience of that? Most of the information that explores how patriarchy affects female fertility is published, it seems, in scholarly articles. Like this one exploring how women’s empowerment affects fertility choices like longer birth intervals.Or this one about assisted […]

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Female Voice And Fertility – Feminine Wisdom

Female Voice And Fertility   Is there a connection between the female voice and fertility? It seems so. One aspect of this is that women’s voices are more attractive at peak fertility.For example, this study on physiological responses to hearing female voices recorded at high fertility, revealed that both men and women found naturally cycling, high […]

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Want A Baby But Feeling Old At 47 – Feminine Wisdom

Want A Baby But Feeling Old   Want a baby but feeling old at 47? You are not alone. However, in my preparation for this post I discovered an interesting article written by a woman who found herself pregnant at 47. And another one by a woman who gave birth at 47 following an unplanned pregnancy. […]

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Want To Know My Fertility Truth – Feminine Wisdom

Want To Know My Fertility Truth   Has the thought ‘ I want to know my fertility truth’ come up for you as a woman? (If you are wondering how you can even know if you are living your truth, this article shares 7 signs you are living your truth.) But with regard to your fertility truth, […]

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Disappointed In My Female Body – Feminine Wisdom

Disappointed In My Female Body   Do you find yourself feeling ‘disappointed in my female body’? If your answer is yes that is worth noting, because these thoughts may affect your body and fertility.  But it is not surprising that you might feel that your body is letting you down when you consider the way that […]

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